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Rustic Nashville Nuptials

Courtney and Robbie's Rustic Nashville Wedding

Rustic Nashville Nuptials
Image Source: The Collection

Courtney and Robbie's love story is one of the most cinematic real-life tales that we have ever had the pleasure of coming across. For starters, their romance began when they were teenagers at Summer camp . . . adorable, right? Because they lived a state's length away, the two never fathomed that their paths would cross again. In a fateful, more-than-meant-to-be kind of way, Courtney and Robbie unexpectedly ran into each other some time later and came to find that they were attending the same college. From there, we're sure you can imagine what took place next — the two grew together in love and recently celebrated their nuptials!

The loveliest aspect of Courtney and Robbie's wedding was that it wasn't singularly a celebration of themselves. They based their wedding theme on the love story of Courtney's own great-grandparents who met while working together on a farm. The two would leave love notes for each other under a tree stump and one day went directly from work to be wed, barefoot and blissfully enamored with each other. Courtney walked down the aisle in the same barefoot fashion, and the couple used tree imagery throughout their wedding details (from their table centerpieces to a lovely, symbolic tree-planting ceremony) to further epitomize the bygone love.

See every detail of the cinematic celebration below.

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