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Is Anyone Actually Checking the SAT Scores of Egg Donors?

If height requirements, race preferences, and talent hopes (musical, athletic, coordinated) can be asked of egg donors, is it any wonder that intelligence is a consideration, too? But this week the Internet's aghast over how intelligence is being measured among potential egg donors: SAT scores. Never mind the fear of designer babies or the stem-cell debate, the real problem is what a horrible measure of intelligence standardized tests are. They are, however, an exceptionally easy thing to lie about!

Height and eye color are impossible to fake, and a special talent doesn't sound easy and/or worth it. But SAT scores? Who's to say. Only you can waiver their release, so if nobody's asking for transcripts or College Board results, then nobody knows. And considering the average payment increases $2,350 per 100 SAT points, there's a lot of incentive to fib.

So for those of you who have donated your eggs, or tried, tell us what the requirements were. Did you exaggerate any to seal the deal?

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