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Where has Sham Wow (chamois, get it?) been my whole life? I kept hearing comedians and television personalities refer to it, but now I know what it is. And naturally, once I looked it up on YouTube, I found that there are a bazillion spoofs. Here's one of the best, but be sure to check out this one, too. (And here's the original.) Sham-effing-wow!

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oxford2 oxford2 8 years
Hi, yumsugar discusses on the taste buds.There are different types of sugar in the on sugar community.
hmmurdock hmmurdock 8 years
lol this guy is hysterical.... he has become a pop culture phenom.. sites like are based solely on his ridiculousness He definitely keeps my attention at 2am with that crazy hairstyle
la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 8 years
I like how he throws in those one liners!
Soapboxer Soapboxer 8 years
"Soft enough to caress a baby, strong enough to smother it..." MAN that's good stuff, and the Dorchester accent really kills it.
hihowareya hihowareya 8 years
Awesome. Sham-effing-wow indeed. I thought it was a parody commercial and fake product when I first saw it. :-P
Spiderlove Spiderlove 8 years
I *LOVE* the Sham Wow commercial! Especially the part where he says something like how the Germans know how to make for some reason, cracks me up! He's like the shadiest salesguy ever, yet when that darn commercial comes on, I'm like, "Oooh. I want the Sham Wows!"
Peggasus Peggasus 8 years
I love how the original says, 'You spend $20 a month in paper towels! You're throwing your money away!" Because I can get about 12 rolls of Viva for about $8, so I'm using, what 36 rolls of paper towels a month? Maybe if we use it for toilet paper! That guy is a bigger tool than the OxyClean dude!
gemini7827 gemini7827 8 years
love it! good one :)
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
haha! I just this commercial the other day and i was literally in a trance! this was pretty funny!
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