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SNL's Lorne Michaels Has Politics on the Brain

SNL's Lorne Michaels Has Politics on the Brain

While Buzz attends the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Hollywood, she's been passing on all things political. Just yesterday, she got inches away from Keith Olbermann (who is "surprisingly very attractive" in person) and on Sunday she took an inside look at Saturday Night Live, which is gearing up for an intense election season schedule, including a Thursday night edition of Weekend Update.

Buzz got the scoop on whether Lorne Michaels, executive producer and co-creator of SNL, finds certain politicians funnier than others. Here's what he had to say:

Who is funnier: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John McCain?
Avoiding the question, "Our job isn't to get too close. . . . We were accused of just pounding Hillary Clinton at the beginning of the season and then we were accused of being just totally for [her] — so it shifts week to week. But I can tell you that whoever's in power, we're suspicious of."

To find out more, including whether SNL will miss President Bush,


From a satirical perspective, will SNL miss the Bush administration?
"No. About two years ago it became apparent that it was harder and harder to do anything about the president on the show. There was nothing you could be telling the audience that they weren't more than familiar with. I think that when this campaign started it was both a breath of fresh air and the country totally welcomed it in the sense that there was going to be change."

Why do people have so much trouble making fun of Obama:
"I think he's still defining himself, and he is primarily cast as heroic, which is, I think, what he is. But sooner or later, everyone does something to irritate us. And as it becomes more and more familiar, you just sort of find where the take is that everyone agrees on. I was watching Obama overseas earlier today, and you see — it's still being done very cautiously and very reverently. It might stay that way until November but maybe it won't."


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