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STDs vs. STIs

Why Are STDs Now Called STIs?

I'm sure many of you were taught about STDs in your sex ed class yet you've probably noticed that I refer to them as STIs, so why the change in terms?

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. STI stands for sexually transmitted infection. STI is a more politically correct term, since the word disease can have negative connotations or social stigmas attached. Plus, when people think of diseases, they think of something you get and have forever, but many STIs are curable, so using the term infection is actually more accurate. The term disease also implies that a person has visual symptoms, which is not always the case with STIs. Many of them such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and HPV are asymptomatic. So for all these reasons, the term STD is gradually being replaced with STI. What do you think about the switch?


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