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Victoria Beckham's Love of Harper Lee Drives Sales of To Kill a Mockingbird — Who's Your Favorite Female Author?

Victoria Beckham can sell pop records and high fashion, but did you know she also influences the market for classic literature? After Victoria named her baby daughter after her favorite author, Harper Lee, sales of To Kill a Mockingbird have jumped by more than 120 percent on

Shortly after Harper Beckham's birth on July 10, proud dad David explained how she got her name. He wrote on his Facebook page: "Victoria's favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird, it's a very strong, passionate book and the author was Harper Lee, and that is where Harper came from." The little one is already setting trends, as the book that inspired her name is now number 38 on Britain's bestseller list.

I wouldn't be surprised if mothers follow in Victoria's posh footsteps by naming their children after authors. If you had to choose your favorite female author, who would it be?

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dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
East of Eden is my favorite book-and I actually like the name 'Eden' for a girl. And even if I were to name my child after the author (John Steinbeck) John is such a common first name, people wouldn't connect it with the author!
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 5 years
Hey, that's a wonderful book, and if something like this gets people to buy it, I'm excited for it. I wouldn't say so much that people buy it because they admire Victoria Beckham, but because if it influenced her so much that she named her child after it, there has to be something about it. To Kill a Mockingbird apparently influences a lot of people when they name their kids, and that is great! I have a friend who named his son Atticus. When it comes to my favorite writers, I really love Djuna Barnes, although I don't think I'd name my child Djuna. It's unique though, so everyone would probably immediately know who she's named after. Another writer I love is Toni Morrison.
bengalspice bengalspice 5 years
ok ... maybe I could name a kid Richelle after the author of Vampire Academy.
bengalspice bengalspice 5 years
I dunno if I would name my kid after an author since my favorite authors have normal names ... but I would definitely consider naming a daughter Vasilisa after the Russian folk tales and my fav vampire series Vampire Academy.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
Love Harper Lee, Carson McCullers, Patricia Highsmith...
Danny-Feekes Danny-Feekes 5 years
Maya Angelou
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 5 years
Judy Blume's my all-time fave.
stephley stephley 5 years
Mothers have been naming children for authors and characters long before Victoria Beckham. Meryl Streep named a daughter Mamie Willa (Willa Cather) and I think Demi Moore’s daughter Scout is named for the daughter in To Kill a Mockingbird. I know a little girl named Cordelia because her mom loves Shakespeare.
janneth janneth 5 years
bryseana bryseana 5 years
My Favorite author is Susanna Kaysen. I think Kaysen would be a unique first name.
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
How lame.
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