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Sanctuary Cities: Hillary Won't Crack Down — Should We?

Sanctuary Cities: Hillary Won't Crack Down — Should We?

Hillary Clinton dropped in on Bill O'Reilly yesterday and talk turned to immigration and sanctuary cities. O'Reilly asked her if she would crack down on sanctuary cities — she said "no," arguing that illegal aliens should not be discouraged from reporting crimes. Though she's not in favor of "forcing them into the shadows," Clinton had this to say "I'm 100 percent in favor of tightening our borders, of enforcing the laws against employers, of going after the kind of abuses that we see in the job market." Adding that illegals who commit crimes "should be deported, no questions asked."

She also came out against immigration raids saying the American people don't want police going door to door at businesses and homes, looking for illegal aliens. Is this true?

The topic of sanctuary cities was famously visited in a Republican debate when Giuliani accused Romney of running a sanctuary mansion. But what are these so-called sanctuaries, and are they so terrible? To find out,


Though there's not a universally agreed upon definition, the usage has evolved from the 1980s when a group of churches gave shelter to people fleeing political situations in places like Haiti — and local governments allowed the practice. Today the idea refers more generally to cities who protect illegal immigrants using city services by not reporting their immigration status to federal immigration authorities. Proponents say these measures allow illegals to report crimes and other activities beneficial to society.

At the federal level, sanctuary is seen as a hindering public safety. Last year the House passed a bill to withhold federal emergency funding from sanctuary cities, and the Senate is set to consider the issue this session. While one report shows 32 cities with sanctuary measures on the books, some are very vocal about it – San Francisco and Chicago are among them.

What's the greatest threat to public safety? Allowing undocumented people to live in cities free from action that would enforce consequences for their illegal status, or discouraging the greater good by prioritizing the enforcement federal immigration policies? Do we need to crack down on sanctuary?


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I'm with Lainetm. Thank you for saying it so well! I know of atleast one instance in my hometown, that a 5 year old was turned away from a public school (the one in her district and her neighborhood) because she did not speak Spanish. Her parents were informed that that particular PUBLIC school was now for spanish speaking students only! Really?! I also know of children who were very well set (education and preparation wise) to enter school, and once they started school, their ability decreased, because the school was so focused on teaching the non-English speaking children in Spanish, that they were neglecting the education of the children who spoke english. How is this at all helpful for our future?! All it is doing is supporting the idea that these illegal immigrants and their families need not learn English to make it in America. I live in Texas, and even though I know minor Spanish, I refuse to speak it. If you don't know English, and it causes a problem with communicating with the world around you, maybe that will encourage you to learn the language of the country of which you felt free to cross into. Dallas ISD holds job fairs each summer looking for "bilingual" educators. When those applicants that speak other foreign languages (say, French) show up, they are laughed at and told they are not bilingual. This takes jobs away from good teachers, just because they don't speak Spanish.
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 9 years
We should do everything we can to reduce illegal immigration and deport all who enter illegally. We also need to correct the current flawed interpretation of the 14th amendment ASAP. No anchor babies! Declaring sanctuary city status should equate with seceding from the nation. They should forfeit all federal funds and support, including military assistance when it all goes to h*ll. Those who do not deal with it on a daily basis--like the wealthy and ivory-tower politicians--have no right to speak for those of us who do. If you don't think the issue affects you, consider: * Every person working under the table for substandard wages takes a job away from a legal resident. * Every under-the-table job raises tax rates for the rest of us. * The ready availability of gray-market labor depresses wages for all of us. *It has been documented that illegal immigrant families take more out of the system that they contribute. Therefore, they cost us all. * Education dollars for so-called "bilingual education" have to come from somewhere, probably other education programs. Therefore, *your* child's education suffers. As a result, our economic future suffers. Our continued failure to handle the problem has given large groups of people (and not all of one nationality, so don't call me a racist) a sense of entitlement and arrogance. I'm tired of: ...being invaded by badly-behaved kids rampaging through the grocery store when I'm trying to shop. ...being forced aside by mobs stalking the mall five-abreast. It's an aggressive and territorial action. ...PA systems in stores with non-English announcements. ...billboards completely in any language other than English. ...the expectation that I speak at least *some* Spanish. I refuse, on principle. A secretary at work responded to a work-related e-mail recently in mixed Spanish and English, just something minor like "Thanks / Gracias". When I did not reply in kind, she answered back "What, no Spanish?" I responded again in French and German--but no Spanish. This is an invasion. Failing to recognize it does not make it less true. Uncontrolled immigration of any kind does not benefit the adopted country or the immigrant.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 9 years
Yeah...she didn't waffle about it. She just said no. She said that she is against it because the illegal immigrants would stop reporting crimes. There were a couple of other points that she made about illegal immigrants being let out of prison too. Watch it here: minute 2:51
hausfrau hausfrau 9 years
I don't agree with her, but hey at least she gave a straight answer!
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
The politicians in charge of those sanctuary cities should be deported as well.
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 9 years
Amen Michelin! Sanctuary cities should be cracked down on - we have a national immigration policy and law. It should supercede city and state laws that try to circumvent it.
Michelann Michelann 9 years
I'm glad that Hillary agrees with me when she says "illegals who commit crimes 'should be deported, no questions asked.'" What she fails to notice is that ALL illegals have committed a crime. Hence the term "illegal."
raciccarone raciccarone 9 years
Where else will America's deformed hunchbacks gather after sweeping beautiful gypsy peasant women from their unjust hangings? Where, I ask you! Where?
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