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Sanctuary Cities: Hillary Won't Crack Down — Should We?

Sanctuary Cities: Hillary Won't Crack Down — Should We?

Hillary Clinton dropped in on Bill O'Reilly yesterday and talk turned to immigration and sanctuary cities. O'Reilly asked her if she would crack down on sanctuary cities — she said "no," arguing that illegal aliens should not be discouraged from reporting crimes. Though she's not in favor of "forcing them into the shadows," Clinton had this to say "I'm 100 percent in favor of tightening our borders, of enforcing the laws against employers, of going after the kind of abuses that we see in the job market." Adding that illegals who commit crimes "should be deported, no questions asked."

She also came out against immigration raids saying the American people don't want police going door to door at businesses and homes, looking for illegal aliens. Is this true?

The topic of sanctuary cities was famously visited in a Republican debate when Giuliani accused Romney of running a sanctuary mansion. But what are these so-called sanctuaries, and are they so terrible? To find out,


Though there's not a universally agreed upon definition, the usage has evolved from the 1980s when a group of churches gave shelter to people fleeing political situations in places like Haiti — and local governments allowed the practice. Today the idea refers more generally to cities who protect illegal immigrants using city services by not reporting their immigration status to federal immigration authorities. Proponents say these measures allow illegals to report crimes and other activities beneficial to society.

At the federal level, sanctuary is seen as a hindering public safety. Last year the House passed a bill to withhold federal emergency funding from sanctuary cities, and the Senate is set to consider the issue this session. While one report shows 32 cities with sanctuary measures on the books, some are very vocal about it – San Francisco and Chicago are among them.

What's the greatest threat to public safety? Allowing undocumented people to live in cities free from action that would enforce consequences for their illegal status, or discouraging the greater good by prioritizing the enforcement federal immigration policies? Do we need to crack down on sanctuary?


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