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Sandra Fluke Disses Mitt Romney For Not Standing Up For Women

Georgetown Law graduate and women's rights activist Sandra Fluke, who came into the public eye when Rush Limbaugh called her a slut for her stance on birth control, is hitting the campaign trail with Barack Obama. Yesterday, she introduced Obama at a campaign rally in Denver focused on women's rights and praised the current president for standing up for her. She said:

"[Obama] defended my right to speak without being attacked. Mr. Romney could only say those weren't the words he would have chosen."

She added that if Mitt Romney can't stand up to "extreme" voices like Rush Limbaugh's, "we know he'll never stand up for us, and he won't defend the rights that generations of women have fought for."

On women's healthcare issues — like the Affordable Care Act's (aka "Obamacare") free birth control mandate that recently went into effect — Sandra stated, "Romney is offering us only dangerous promises to take us backward. He says that on day one, he's going to kill Obamacare dead. That is an alarming lack of vision from someone who says he wants to lead our country."

Sandra is the second well-known woman this week to speak out for Obama. Yesterday, Elizabeth Banks released a video about Planned Parenthood in support of the president staying in office; and besides being a fan of Obama, we know she's also a fan of Sandra. In a recent interview, Elizabeth told us that she admires Sandra, saying, "The first person who popped into my head who's young, fresh, and making a difference was Sandra Fluke . . . I've met her twice now and I have to say she is the most articulate, amazing woman."

It was clearly no "fluke" having Sandra join him at the Denver rally, as Obama could use all the female support he can get in the swing state of Colorado. As of the end of July, women comprise nearly 53 percent of the state's active voters.

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jenintx jenintx 5 years
Healthcare currently accounts for 18-19 percent of our country's GDP. Healthcare issues, therefore, ARE economic issues. Let's place the blame where the blame should lie: Congress. How many times have they voted on a jobs bill? That would be zero. They, too, are too concerned with my vagina to focus on anything else. 
bluegirl58 bluegirl58 5 years
Jennifer, Jennifer ... you are correct - he has done a lot. Which is exactly why we need him to go because the lion's share of what he's done has cost this country trillions of dollars.  You may be ok with that but I am not.  I am a registered Independent who cannot, in all good conscience and in deference to the country I hold so dear, cast my vote for Mr. Obama.  Why, you ask ... because we cannot survive another four years of this, plain and simple.  
JenniferIsabella JenniferIsabella 5 years
 @bluegirl58 If you've actually done your research rather than rely on Republicans' attacks on Obama, you'd know that the president has actually done quite a lot in his first (almost)  four years in office. It's also very surprising that you don' t think the Republican party personally attacks Obama...    
bluegirl58 bluegirl58 5 years
Move over Betty Friedan ... yes, this is what the election is all about .. screw the economy and jobs; it's all about affordable birth control for women.  Anything and everything not to address the President's dismal record.  Campaigning 101 - your record sucks, spend all your time personally attacking the other guy because you have nothing substantive that you can say about  your almost 4 years.  ABO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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