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Is It Sanitary To Bathe Babies in the Kitchen Sink?

Dear Sugar
A few months ago I had my first baby, a beautiful little girl. I've been giving her sponge baths all this time because her baby tub won't fit in my sink and it's too difficult to reach her safely and effectively if I put the tub in my adult-size tub.

Everyone keeps telling me to give her a bath in my sink but the only one that's big enough is the kitchen sink. I really
want her to have fun in her baths and be able to splash in the water, etc..., but I don't know how to sanitize the kitchen sink and make it safe for her to bathe.

Should I pour bleach down the drain to flush out anything nasty and sterilize it? Will that leave residue that could hurt the baby's skin? Sanitary Sally

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Dear Sanitary Sally
Congrats on your new bundle of love! No, no no - you don't have to do anything like clean the sink with bleach or clear the drains. Just use your common sense.

As long as you haven't been cleaning chicken or cooking with raw eggs in the sink without rinsing it you are fine. Just carefully wash the sink out with hot soapy water before you bathe the baby.

My mother gave me baths in our kitchen sink for years. Now she does the same with her grandchildren and there have been no problems.

Keep in mind that water from a sink or even a bathtub isn't sterile. It's not like the baby is going to be drinking large amounts of this water. Plus, you will be there with her the whole time. No worries Mama, she'll be a-OK.

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