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We all agree that shopping mall Santas have the hardest gigs in town and if Santa voluntarily kicking shoplifter tail isn't enough proof that he's a bit stressed and working a wee bit too much overtime this holiday season, then I don't know what is. So along comes a school teacher with the audacity to tell her 9-year-old students that Santa is a big fallacy and his elves are nothing more than little lies at play in a fairytale workshop of make-believe. What the flying Rudolph was she thinking? And I suppose she thinks the same of our beloved red-nosed reindeer- that, much like K-Fed's rap star career, he really doesn't exist. So the entire community was outraged and the school teacher was canned.

Today's lesson: Don't get on Santa's bad list. Not only will you lose your job, but he'll elf you up.

Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
That is so wrong. My nine year old is 'in the know' but he heard rumours and Dad cleared it up for him. I would be irate if my kids' teacher blew it for them. I got an email the other day about a grandma who shows her grandson that "Santa" is not a person anymore, but an idea of charitable giving. I really liked it. (This is, like, the third time I've talked about it!)
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