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SantaCon Missed Connections 2013

Santa Missed Connections Are All Naughty, No Nice

It's that time of year again . . . when you make out with Santa and have no idea what his real name was. To give you a picture of all those naughty shenanigans happening this time of year, we bring you Missed Connections from SantaCon, Santa speedo events, and more inappropriate holiday moments. Be warned: these six Santas would make your childhood self cry.

Strip-Tease Santa

Dancing Bare, pyramid tattoo on your sexy back - m4w - 26 (The Dancing Bare)

I saw you on Saturday night. You referred to me as your "sexy little Santa" and stole my hat to keep you warm while you danced . . . I just wanted to tell you that I am love with you stripper (ok not necessarily love) but holy sh*t. I would give you my last dollar just to put a smile on your face. I want to see you again, on or off stage. Thank you for an amazing night.

Humping Santa

You humped my car - w4m (old town scottsdale)

You and a friend humped my car outside of firehouse tonight. You were in a Santa suit and your friend was in some Hawaiian shirt. We chatted for a bit but I never got your name. Thought you seemed pretty cool and you made my night. Get in contact with me.


Redneck Santa?

Are you redneck santa? - ww4m - 137 (Flower Mound)

You were driving down FM 407 in a shiny souped up red pick up truck with a deer head and antler sticker on your back window. I first noticed you because suddenly my radio was overpowered by the sound of a schmaltzy woman's voice singing over a cheesy orchestration of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

You were banging out a nice steady rhythm on your steering wheel while you sang along. Your windows were up, and so were mine, so I couldn't believe at first that this cheesy children's holiday classic was coming from your car, but I looked past the scraggly redneck beard to see that you were indeed singing the words.

You made my day, and for that, thank you. But I do have two questions for you: are you indeed some kind of magical redneck Santa? and Will you carol for my friend Zach?

Loose-Tongue Santa

Spontaneity at SantaCon - w4m (East Village)

I was the girl with the three foot long santa hat who yelled "Hey, you wanna make out?" and you were Eric and said, "Me? Sure!"

Thanks for going along with it! It might ruin the perfect moment of spontaneity but I wouldn't hate getting to know you better because you were sweet and very cute.

If you remember this, I don't know, reply with my name or with what my friends were eating or something to prove you're the guy. Merry Santa Con!!

Bearded Blonde Santa

bearded blonde at bar 440 - m4m - 44 (castro / upper market)

You were the cute blonde with a beard sitting at the bar in a light blue shirt. I was in my santa skivvies get-up with the boxers and suspenders! Thought you had a lovely smile :)

Speedo Santa

Black Speedo Santa - m4m (Sidetrack)

Hey B,

Enjoyed chatting with you at the bar during the Santa Speedo event. You looked great in your black Speedo and black Santa hat. Thanks for buying me a drink and glad I could return the gesture.


Image Source: NBC
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