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Sarah Palin Gets Pranked! Chats With Faux President Sarkozy

Yesterday Sarah Palin happily took a call from French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Only problem: two Canadian comedians merely pretending to be the French president were on the line. Despite the tres bad French accent, the Alaska governor carried on the conversation about how Sarkozy could see Belgium from his house. And it got even better — Palin listened politely as the man she thought was the French president discussed his love for the pornography starring Palin's look-a-like. Oh la la.

Palin even chatted policy, saying Sarkozy's help for the French middle class was a great example. Perhaps she's not as afraid of socialists as she lets on.

Don't worry — she isn't the first leader the duo has embarrassed. She now joins Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy as victims of the same comedians. Keeping her good humor, Palin's camp released a statement following the prank: "C'est la vie." Take a listen, and then let GiggleSugar know if the joke was funny, or too mean.

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