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Sarah Palin Headed to Fox News — Love It or Leave It?

From governor of Alaska and vice presidential nominee to author and future Fox News contributor, the many incarnations of Sarah Palin prove that she's not going away any time soon. Fox News has just signed the polarizing politician to a multiyear contract as a regular contributor.

Whether you love or hate her politics, it's hard to argue that Sarah Palin's blend of conservatism and celebrity won't work well on Fox News. Are you happy Sarah Palin has found a home on cable news, or would you rather not see her on TV?

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Spacekatdude Spacekatdude 7 years
I am really happy that she's going to Fox. And, even as a Democrat, I'm glad that Fox exists. I wish that some of the stuff they said was more accurate, thoughtful and less full of outright inaccuracies. Example: Can they please let go of the death panels? There are none, and never were in the bill. Can they do away with the birthers? There's no reason to keep up with this nonsense. Nonetheless, I am glad that Fox exists, and I'm glad that Palin has a forum. This is America. We are all about democracy and free speech, even for - and especially for - people we vehemently disagree with. Would you rather live in a country like China where they beat bloggers who disagree with the government? Or Australia, with a govt that set up a huge internet firewall all around the country? Or the UK, where you can get thrown in jail for taking a picture of a church? Or Dubai, where you can go to jail if they find 0.01 g of pot stuck to your shoes? Or Iran, where people who protested against the govt are blocked from going to grad school or beaten to death in the street? No, this is America. Go, Sarah Palin, go ahead and say whatever you want. And, you, too, Fox. Especially if I don't believe a word you say. But you have a right to say it.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
sandyfeet - "drill baby drill" is the worst saying ever, I want to stab a pencil in my eye when I hear it. I find it sickening. Essentially the oil company is paying the citizens of Alaska an annual allowance to look the other way, which I find disturbing. Don't you think the oil company would have lobbied to stop that tax if they had not thought ahead to the loyalty it would create within the alaskan population? That government is one big special interest group, and Sarah Palin headed it.
Jemma84 Jemma84 7 years
SandyFeet, people would probably take your points a bit more seriously if you at least proofread your typo-ridden comments. Sarah Palin lost the election for the Republicans because moderates and liberals alike find her frightening. She is George W. Bush (with less education) in an expensive skirt. Aside from her backward-thinking politics, she is simply unintelligent and unqualified.
Jemma84 Jemma84 7 years
Love it-- I am THRILLED that she will be on Fox News. Maybe they will pay her enough to keep her from ever running for public office again. The crazies can HAVE Fox News AND Sarah Palin. Enjoy. Just keep her the hell away from the White House, please. :-)
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
Not that I have any affection for Palin or would ever vote for her unless I had a gun to my head but I voted (love it), there's really no other place for her.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
My guess is that most of you here are liberals and/or Democrats. Nothing wrong with that but as consertive/libertarian, I do believe that this country is going on the wrong direction. I understand that is a global plight and the economy plays a huge impact. Our constitution should be the blue print by which we should be govern, but it has taken the back burner concept. Our fore fathers were smart enough to understand that. Civil service should not be a career but a priviledge to serve and there should be term limit. Get rid of the dead wood and the tree will grow stronger. akasha, I will address this to you since you questioned me. Why do you feel that Sarah Palin is not intelligent, well read and does not understand diverse cultures and world views? As I remember, Obama kissed the hand and bowed to a Sheik and when he arrived in Japan he again bowed to the Japanese emperor! He also stated that he did not understand the Austrian language, which by the way is German and this man is the president of our country! I did not say that Sarah Palin would be speaking for you she is not elected to office...yet.. As a elected official she would in fact be speaking for you but so does all the other elected officials. That is why they are there, to BE our voice. Too bad they don't listen and follow their own personal agenda. I am a progressive woman with my own small business and as I stated before a conservative and I do mind sharing Sarah's point of view. I am not intimidated by her as some others are. #29 this one is for you .Clearify REgressive. Sarah Palin is progressive, please don't confuse conservationism with stupidity. yogaforlife, Drill baby Drill. That is my mantra. We have petroleum in Alaska and yet we are spending and sending our dollars to the Middle East. Wouldn't you rather received $2,000.00 a year than be taxed to the max for the gas you use. It is a no brainer. As for the enviroment, we are talking about Alaska the most prestine place in North America and Sarah's home the place she loves. The Sierra Club at one time tried to banned the Alaska pipe line from being build due to the migration of the caribou. They speculated that it would cause great harm to the herds, well it was build and the caribou increase in numbers due to the heat generated by the pipe line and grasses were able to flourish during the harsh winter. We can live in harmony with the enviroment if it is done properly.
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
Leave it. Sarah Palin can kiss my vegetarian ass. (If you've read her book, you know what I'm talking about)
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Um, now, ratings are not equivalent to votes. Do you even know how they determine ratings? If every house had a ratings box, even then I wouldn't consider it the equivalent to votes. You say that Fox has been the powerhouse the past few years, that may be. If ratings were votes, why do we have a democratic president elected just over a year ago? The shows that are the most entertaining have the highest ratings (Desperate Housewives, Jerry Springer (oh yes, we all would elect him for president). Do not equate entertainment value to real reporting or even unbiased news. Fox news has entertaining programs - I know quite a few liberals/democrats who tune in to get a good laugh at Beck and O'Reilly. Doesn't mean that they vote that way.
Ladyhawke57 Ladyhawke57 7 years
Ratings are like votes, they show what real people (instead of urban liberals) think, feel and believe. Fox has been a powerhouse for several years now, and continues to grow. If you think PBS and even the BBC are completely objective, you're only exhibiting your own biases. I've seen stories on CNN that were blatantly biased, and I've also seen them choose not to run significant stories. That is also a form of bias. I don't believe Palin is White House material, but the venom she inspires is laughable. If the country is fragile, it's primarily because of the housing bubble, which was created primarily by the liberals forcing banks to make bad loans or lose their licensing as a result of racism charges. Thank Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, among others. If the country is unsafe, it's because our current leader is viewed globally as one who bows and accommodates. We have had more attacks on home soil in the past year than in the entire Bush administration. He had his faults, but at least he wasn't so widely disrespected abroad.
Ladyhawke57 Ladyhawke57 7 years
Yes, if Fox sacrifices 85% of their credibility, they'll be on par with MSNBC, CBS and NBC. They really should try harder to fail.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I think it's great. It just brings the credibility of Fox News down a notch and shows they are more about ratings/controversy than reporting actual news. And maybe this means she is not going to try and run for office. Even if she does decide to run, I'm sure she's going to give plenty of ammo for all non-GOP parties. Sandyfeet - get your head out of the sand. Alaska is not bankrupt because they receive tax revenue from the oil industry. That state's budget is so closely tied to the profits of the oil industry, you may as well consider it a special interest state. Each resident receive $2,000 a year from the state as an "oil wealth savings accoung". That's not a revenue option for most states. I don't dislike this woman just to hate on a woman. Politically, this woman is complete opposite of my views on just about every subject, expecially the environment. I don't know how people missed her connections to the oil industry. She says she's against special interest groups - wrong - she's only against special interest groups that don't benefit her.
sidra5397 sidra5397 7 years
I hope she gets to interview or do a piece on Ann Coulter... That'd be hilarious. I didn't think Fox News could sink any lower. I was wrong.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
More reasons to watch Fox! Ah, the lulz just keep on coming. I think it's a good move. It's sure to keep her out of the White House, AND possibly discredit Fox news even more with clips of her.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
The shiteth hath hiteth the faneth. Well, hey! Now both Fox and Palin will look even more stupid.
Ladyhawke57 Ladyhawke57 7 years
Well, it looks like some people have been taking etiquette lessons from Olberdouche and Garofalo. More proof that those who don't have an intelligent response resort to namecalling. And, sadly, that women all too often attack other women who they perceive as threats. I really hoped we had evolved past that.
coreoftheapple coreoftheapple 7 years
Could be good for Fox ratings... But she gives powerful women a bad name.
janneth janneth 7 years
What a surprise. Fox news. Go figure.
booe1104 booe1104 7 years
Progressive woman? ummm. That's just confusing.
reesiecup reesiecup 7 years
As many have mentioned above, she's better off at Fox than in the White House :)
Akasha Akasha 7 years
SandyFeet : I really would love to respond to all of what you have said here from the Democrats spending all of our money to this woman giving progressive women voice, but if you seriously believe this then there is nothing I can say to change your mind. Although if she is going to speak for me then I would prefer not to speak at all. I prefer the women that are speaking for me to be intelligent, well read, and understand different world views and cultures. I have yet to hear this woman say one thing that I don't want to drop my face into my hands and shake my head at.
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
I didn't think Fox news could get any worse...I see I was clearly wrong.
cdelaney cdelaney 7 years
this woman is ridiculous. and so is fox news.
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