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Sarah Palin's Movie The Undefeated

4 Things to Look Out For in Sarah Palin's Movie About Herself

Never the conventional candidate, Sarah Palin is poised to launch her potential presidential campaign by screening a two-hour feature film about herself in Iowa. While she's yet to make a decision about running, she has commissioned a movie by conservative director Stephen K. Bannon that covers her entry into local politics, her VP run, and her decision to quit her job as governor. Interviewing Palin supporters and showing the prefame side of Palin that most don't know, the movie hopes to fire up Republican fans and critics alike about a Palin bid, or at least improve her legacy.

RealClearPolitics screened an advanced copy of the film, titled The Undefeated, and gave an extensive account of what we can expect. Here are four things to look out for:

  • God: Palin is presented as a Joan of Arc-like figure, and the film is filled with religious metaphor. RealClearPolitics says it divides the "world between the heroes who are on her side and the villains who seek to thwart her at every turn."
  • Wild Animals: Palin's persecution by the media and political insiders is shown with images of "lions killing a zebra and a dead medieval soldier with an arrow sticking in his back."
  • Celebrity Palin Haters: The movie begins with a montage of celebrities bashing Palin with sexist and derogatory language. "Rosie O'Donnell, Matt Damon, Bill Maher, David Letterman, and Howard Stern all have brief cameos," RealClearPolitics explains, "before comedian Louis CK goes off on a particularly ugly anti-Palin riff."
  • Palin 1.0: We can expect lots of never-before-seen home videos, recounts of a time when Palin was the most popular governor in America with an 80 percent approval rating, and a simpler version of the Palin we now know. According to RealClearPolitics, The Undefeated "conveys the dramatic extent to which Palin's world has changed in just a few years, as it shows her announcing her gubernatorial campaign not at a massive rally but at a sparsely attended press conference in her kitchen."

Does this make you curious to watch?

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