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Sarah Palin's Views on Abortion, Sex Ed, and Contraception

Sarah Palin Helps Define Sides in Reproductive Rights Debate

Want to know where a woman stands on issues like abortion, birth control, and sex ed? Forget asking her if she's pro-life or pro-choice; instead, find out if she's pro-Palin or anti-Palin.

A new survey by Planned Parenthood set out to determine how many people agree with Palin's stance on high-profile women's health issues. Palin opposes abortion except to save the life of a mother and has said she'd choose life in the case of rape, and she favors abstinence-only education over explicit sex ed; however, she does support contraception (but not in schools). Among women, only 22 percent say they trust Palin to represent their views. Conversely, 54 percent find Planned Parenthood trustworthy. Of all registered voters, 31 percent say Palin is in step with their beliefs.

Last year, a survey found that a majority of Americans call themselves pro-life. But the fact that less than a third identify with one of the most visible faces of that movement offers more evidence that the public's views fall somewhere along a spectrum — for example, someone might identify as pro-life but support abortion in the case of rape or incest. Would you trust Sarah on reproductive issues?

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