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Dear Sugar
I have a scar that is an inch long and I've been putting a cream on it called scarZone (with green tea). Do you know of anything better? Is there anything proven to help minimize scars? It's a hidden scar but it irritates me. Scarred Scarlett

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Dear Scarred Scarlett
You should be using vitamin E cream with i.u.'s above 10,000. This will be the most effective. Or, just pop open a vitamin E capsule and rub it over the scar several times a day. Beware of your clothing; this can get really sticky.

Vitamin E cream is a healing agent, and it will also keep your skin soft so the skin around and on the scar can be mobilized. Shea butter will keep your skin soft too and it's less tacky feeling.

Something to consider to really make it go away is physical therapy for scar massage. A professional will use myofascial release to minimize the scar. This means that they will rub the scar hard and deep back and forth and separate the scar tissue to break it up the adhesed tissue.

This can only be done when the scar is closed and healed, not when it's an open wound. After these treatments, don't be afraid to touch the scar. You need to continue to rub is to maximize the effects. A bonus, is that besides your co-pay, your insurance company should cover it.

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