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Scared To Tell My Grandparents I'm Pregnant

DEARSUGAR and Distressed Dina need your help. How do you go about telling your grandparents that you've become pregnant by mistake?

Dear Sugar,
My boyfriend and I have been together for three years and he proposed to me in June. I just found out that I am pregnant and my boyfriend is the only one that knows about it. He is very excited, however we are both currently living at my grandparent's house until we find a place of our own.

Tomorrow I have an old time scheduled doctor's appointment for my yearly checkup which my grandmother made for me. I was supposed to go and get a birth control prescription. Rather than coming home with birth control, I am faced with having to tell them that I'm pregnant. I'm pretty petrified of their reaction.

I am not sure how to break this kind of news to them. They look at me as their little baby who has never done anything to hurt them or disappoint them. I am scared to death that they are going to frown upon this news.

My boyfriend said that we should tell them together and I agree. I am really grateful that he's been so supportive about this. Does anyone have any ideas how should I can start this conversation? I feel like I don't have anyone to talk to about this besides my fiance. Distressed Dina

juliet juliet 11 years
Agreed agreed agreed - I would also add that you need to feel good about this! You just got engaged and will soon be bring a beautiful baby into the world with what sounds like a great guy - this is cause for celebration! So go easy on yourself; they may be surprised, but disappointed? I think not. You'll feel much better after they know and all of you can celebrate together on the new addition to your family! CONGRATULATIONS & God Bless!
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 11 years
I agree with CrazyLady. If they're okay with you two living in their house together, I doubt they'll see the pregnancy as a horrible thing. Sit down with them and tell them you have wonderful news. Why should you say anything negative about the timing, though? Let them know you're happy about it, and I'm sure they will be, too.
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 11 years
Your grandparents love you and sure, they might be disappointed that you're pregnant when you're not married yet but that's not going to stop them from loving you and being there for you. Just be honest with them and ask them for their support and understanding and give them a little time to process the news. In time they will be happy with the arrival of their great grand child. Best wishes to you!
lickety-split lickety-split 11 years
grandparents are, in some ways, easier to break things to than parents. grandparents have seen and heard it all and have already raised their own children so they are sort more "broken in", more relaxed even though they might not look that way. i remember my grandmother saying to me once "your generation didn't invent sex missy. you just talk about it more". if you make the moment you tell them one of celebration and excitement i'm sure they will join in that mood. after all, you have a husband to be that is supportive and happy and in love with you. this is what every parent wants for their children. maybe things didn't happen in the exact order you thought they would, but they are happening. what an exciting time in your life!
jaxon jaxon 11 years
I went through a similar situation. I wasn't living with my grandparents but they gave me a monthly allowance to help financially. The best thing to do is be mature about the situation Grandparents are more hip than we like to believe. Talk to them together as adults. Be upfront when telling news we are worried about we sometimes try to sugar coat. This pregnancy wasn't planned but you hope they will understand and be happy for you and your boyfriend. You and your fiance should try to have a plan to let them know that you have realisitic goals for when you plan to get married and/or move out. I waited until I was 3 months to tell anyone besides my boyfriend. Those first 12 weeks are the critical development period and chances for miscarriage go way down. Try not to worry and stress, it's not good for you or your baby's health. CONGRATS to both of you!!
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
Congrats and good luck. All you can do is just tell them. And remember depending on how far along you are maybe wait a week or 2 before you tell them urgency isnt really important here since most people wait till there at least 3 months to tell people. Just in case. Congrats again Im sure ur grandmother will be thrilled even if she isnt at first, babies are such a wonderful blessing I love every minute of it. Im very sure you will to. :STAR: HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY MIKEY JR !!!! :STAR:
crazylady crazylady 11 years
First of all congrats on your engagement and pregnancy. Before you tell your grandparents be sure to go to the doctor to confirm that you are pregnant. It would be even harder to tell them and have it be a false alarm. Find out the details of how far along you are, etc. I'm betting that your grandparents won't be totally surprised that you're sexually active since you and your fiance are living with them and looking for a place to live together. (We aren't the first ones who thought of sex so they're probably more aware than you may be giving them credit for.) Next, and I applaud your boyfriend for this too, definately tell them together so that you have a united front and they can see that he isn't going anywhere. Be very up front that you didn't plan this but are excited. Also tell them that you understand they may be disappointed in the timing but hope that they will be as excited for your new addition as you are.
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