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Scotty Iseri and the Big Rock Show Runs For President

If you think the 2008 campaign has stretched on too long already, get a load of this — Scotty Iseri's already gearing up for a run in 2020. That is, if you consider the front man of the world's smallest stadium rock show a contender. I sat down with this political-pop comedian who defines his style, "like NPR seriousness with my imagining of the Daily Show's house band." We talked about his new album, Scotty For President, which is "the Rock and Roll equivalent of an exploratory committee. I’m running in 2020. And if the album does well, I will have no choice but to run — after all, nothing says competence in our culture like celebrity."

Why pop music as a political platform?

Most pop music doesn’t deal with world issues, I'm grabbing and using it as a way to talk about serious issues in a lighter way, that helps people interact with politics differently. You can talk about things that are ridiculous and make you really angry — but have fun with them, rather than taking a Fox News approach – which let’s face it — isn’t fun."

It's this sense of fun that helps him tackle issues like religion in politics and corporate scandals. To get the scoop on his campaign,


His campaign anthem, Scotty Iseri, You Can Do Anything, "is really more of a dare than a song. Let's face it: America (and Canada) are asking me to run." Well when faced with a potential candidate who calls himself, "a half-Japanese Barack Obama with a synthesizer and pyrotechnics," you have to admit that would add diversity to the ticket. And his sound? "Think the Violent Femmes and Biz Markee doing Randy Newman covers, for the truly politically peeved."

Intrigued and in the Portland area? Scotty's Big Rock Show is playing live Feb. 14-24. Here's a little sample of his sound: Now his music is hilarious — but a little blue, and I don't mean Democrat — there's adult language, just a warning. I'm a fan of I'm Sorry Mr. President.

One last reason to listen? "Let's put it this way: If you’ve ever wanted to see a half-naked man with a lightening bolt on his chest standing on the steps of Congress, this album is for you."

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