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Even if Americans may be more open-minded about issues like gay marriage, we probably don't consider professional male athletes the most high-profile group of supporters. So it was a big deal when Sean Avery, a New York Rangers hockey player, announced his support for gay marriage in a PSA for New Yorkers for Marriage Equality (becoming the first pro athlete to publicly support the organization). But what's really gaining attention is the Twitter aftermath to Sean's PSA that has resulted in a Canadian TV sports host being fired.

It began with father and son sports agents Don and Todd Reynolds tweeting that same-sex marriage is always wrong and likening a man marrying another man to bestiality. Most members of the professional hockey community were quick to say they disagree with these comments, except for Rogers Sportsnet host Damian Goddard, who tweeted his support for the anti-gay-marriage tweets and then was fired from the Canadian sports show. Even though the network claims the firing wasn't sudden, it does seem a strange coincidence that it happened right after the debacle.

Whichever side you fall on in the gay-marriage debate, do you think it's right for a company to fire an employee based on his or her stance on hot-button political topics? Or is it more about making intolerant public remarks?


Watch the PSA that started it all after the jump.

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stephley stephley 6 years
He’s in a different situation as an employee – he wasn’t just commenting in a chat at the office, but making public statements on Twitter. He’s an on-air sport commentator, and many if not all companies have policies regarding public pronouncements on political issues. Perhaps if he had just said ‘I support traditional marriage’ and not expressed agreement with tweets equating gay marriage to bestiality, he’d still have a job.
miriah15 miriah15 6 years
I am 100% pro gay marriage, and I am all for this guy being fired, but it's for publicly making the remarks. If he had an anti-gay marriage view but shut up about it and still been fired then that would have been different.
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