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Sean Avery Gay Marriage PSA Opinions

Your Thoughts on Being Fired For Anti-Gay-Marriage Statements

When hockey player Sean Avery took part in a pro-gay-marriage PSA, a TV sports host sided with some intolerant anti-gay-marriage tweets likening gay marriage to bestiality and ended up losing his job. You all sounded off in comments and on Facebook with your opinions, and I thought you made some great points. Here are your thoughts on the debacle.

  • "This isn't really political. The statements made were slanderous and hateful — likening gay sex to bestiality." — April
  • "I am 100% pro gay marriage, and I am all for this guy being fired, but it's for publicly making the remarks. If he had an anti-gay marriage view but shut up about it and still been fired then that would have been different." — miriah15
  • "As long as they're not using company funds or implying that their views represent their employer's views, then why does it matter?" — Sara
  • "He's in a different situation as an employee — he wasn't just commenting in a chat at the office, but making public statements on Twitter. He's an on-air sport commentator, and many if not all companies have policies regarding public pronouncements on political issues. Perhaps if he had just said 'I support traditional marriage' and not expressed agreement with tweets equating gay marriage to bestiality, he'd still have a job." — stephley
  • "I also support gay marriage and equal rights. And I agree, making these comments publicly is probably what got him fired. However, had he come out in support of gay marriage publicly, would he have been fired? Would there be more outrage by people if he got fired for being for gay marriage?" — Anonymous
  • "Everyone is just way too politically correct nowadays. I'm an aspiring singer/actress. I also happen to be politically conservative. Not an easy mix. I try to keep it low profile, at least until I get to know someone, but my Facebook page is fair game. Every liberal performer I know can put all sorts of political messages on their profile with no fear of retribution. It's only fair for that right to extend to me. Still, I worry that some casting director will see it after I audition for them and not hire me based on it. It's not right that I should even have to worry about that. I feel it's the same in this situation." — Kimberly
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