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Dear Sugar
I am about to complete my masters' degree in May and I am trying to cultivate a more professional look. Clothing-wise I'm pretty much set, but there is one thing that I can't get right. The right bag for school/work! In high school, I sported a Herve Chapelier tote, or a Kate Spade messenger bag and lately I've been trying to use a Jack Gomme structured tote bag, but it's really not hip enough for me. Most of the "professional" looking bags I've seen are dowdy or too "mommy" like. My Fendi Spy bag is great, but doesn't work well at school or at my internship (too flashy and can't hold any paperwork or books). I've been seeing a lot of girls wearing large leather hobo bags and I am desperate for one! I'm thinking of getting one in dark brown, or maybe black (blah!), that would be roomy enough to hold some paperwork if necessary, and maybe a book or two, plus all the essentials (blackberry, makeup case, credit cards!). Can you recommend a bag? I saw one from Marc Jacobs last season but can't find it anywhere! I loved the big Gucci Hobo Jessica Simpson was sporting, but as with my Spy bag, I think it may be too flashy for the office. Dress me for the job I want. Thanks! Bag Lady

Dear Bag Lady
You have great taste! Ok, as I see it you have 2 options; You can go for a HUGE tote and carry everything all in one, or you can carry 2 bags - one for work and one for school. I love Chloe's large Paddington Tote. It's casual yet chic and the label doesn't come out and hit you over the head so it's ok for work. But it's leather which may get ruined if you are using it like a back pack for textbooks. Chanel has a new huge bag with its fabulous chain straps. It's called The Chanel Mademoiselle Tote Large. The leather happens to be extremely supple, which again could damage easily, but it's gorgeous and discreet to most (see photo below). Something else you may like is the new Marc Jacobs large Satchel bag. And - don't discount the fabulous and still very "it" Large Balenciaga Motorcycle bag that we see MK and Ashley using as school totes.

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