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Self Help: Get Some Alone Time

You may not be a natural born introvert, but everyone can benefit from a little time to themselves. If you don't give yourself alone time every once in a while, you'll feel depleted and won't have the energy to give to others. Alone time strengthens your soul, allows you to reflect on your life, relaxes your mind, and makes you a happier person overall.

Here are some things you can do when you're enjoying time to yourself:

  • Read a book or listen to music.
  • Paint, draw, or knit. Do something crafty.
  • Write in your journal or write some letters.
  • Take a long bath or shower and sip a glass of wine.
  • Bake or cook something.
  • Meditate, do some yoga, or take an afternoon nap.
  • Go for a walk or run outdoors.
  • Even if you live with other people and can't get the place to yourself, go to one room, shut the door, and ask them not to disturb you.

I'm the kind of person that craves alone time but it all depends on your personality, so 10 minutes a few times a week may be just the thing to calm your nerves and keep you sane.


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