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Craigslist is like a brothel, only safer. Yesterday, Slate gave a rundown of how the online classified site's recent decision to close down its erotic services section hurts both prostitutes and police.

Here are some key arguments in favor of facilitating the sale of sex online:

  • Unlike brothels, Craigslist voluntarily provides client records to police. The records helped apprehend Phillip Markoff, the so-called Craigslist Killer.
  • A high-trafficked destination for sex sales makes it easier for law enforcers to target their policing.
  • Thanks to Craigslist, prostitutes could work for themselves without having to rely on a pimp or an agency.
  • Selling sex online means fewer prostitutes selling their services on the streets.

Since there will always be a market for the oldest profession, do you think regulating the sale of sex online sounds like the safest option?


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