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5 Signs Your Mom Is Sexting

It's traumatizing enough to know the 50-plus set has taken to the sext, and then you remember your parents. Your dear, 50-something-year-old mom and dad who can't even upload pictures to their Facebook accounts — or whatever their tech limit is.

Maybe it's just the savviest — and sassiest — seniors sexting away, but what happens when they get, oh, confused? Who are they going to ask? Here are five signs you have a sexting mom or dad!

  • She asks "How do I set my phone to vibrate?"
  • She starts turning whole sentences into acronyms, like DYGTTD? (Did you go to the dentist?)
  • She asks how to text a photo.
  • She texts you popular sexting acronyms like K4Y (kiss for you) or NALOPKT or (not a lot of people know that!)
  • She unwittingly asks what acronyms like ASL (Age/Sex/Location) mean.

Do you fear you have a parent gone wild?

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