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Separate From Sabotage

Dear Sugar
My best friend and I are in the middle of a big fight. She's trying to steal my boyfriend and she's making up lies about me. Since my relationship with my boyfriend was a secret from my family (I'm 16, he's 21) she turned on me one night and called my parents to rat us out. As if that wasn't enough, she told them I was 8 weeks pregnant with his child. My parent's love her and chose to believe her over me. I was devastated. I went out and bought a pregnancy test to prove to my family that I wasn't pregnant. She has completely ruined my life at school too. My Principal called the next day and asked my parents to keep me home since I was pregnant. So when we finally sorted this entire thing out, I returned back to school but the kids were giving me a really hard time. I found comfort in two other girls that had older boyfriends. When I confronted her about what she had done she said that it had been a joke. Do I forgive her like I have done in the past? Unhappy Ulanda

Dear Unhappy Ulanda
Stop being friends with this girl immediately. She's no good for you. She's a liar, she's a trouble maker and she's trying to steal your boyfriend. You don't need friends like that. Stay close to the people who love you right now. They will support you while you are going through this hard time. This will eventually pass. The girls you just met seem nice but I'm worried that what you have in common with them are their older boyfriends. Enjoy your high school years - they only come around once and they really do fly by fast. Dating someone who's old enough to have graduated college is just rushing your youth away.

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