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Settling For Second Best

Should You Settle For Second Best?

Here's a post from OnSugar blog My DISFunkshion.

Remember that saying, "first the worst, second the best..." — just how true is that when it comes to our love lives?

It's not always a good thing to have a particular type because effectively you're shunning a large percentage of men who might be perfectly suitable. But the reality of this is that some women — myself included — are picky. Not in a "I know I can get any man so I get the liberty of choosing and dismissing" way, but more of a "I know what I like, so why sacrifice that?"

Some may call me shallow for admitting this, but physical appearance is important to me just as much as personality. There's no 30/70 or 40/60. It's 50/50 straight down the middle.


There are times when females will be in a situation where a guy comes along with a personality that you click with, but only on a friendship level. You're not exactly attracted physically, so should you write him off? Or pursue something with the hope that you'll eventually find an attraction? I think we all know what I always do.

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Granted that what we like and want isn't exactly what we'll get, can you actually be happy — and I mean the kind of happy if your celebrity crush confessed their love for you — with someone who doesn't quite live up to what you want? Or do we allow this kind of compromised contentment to take over us and make us believe that even though we barely missed the bullseye, we still did good.

I'm very skeptical so my answer is no — but yours may be different. I don't think settling for the "nice guy" can truly make you happy. He can offer you stability, security and comfort but when it comes to raw passion, that takes two — and if you know that he's not exactly what you want, then how can that be achieved? I always hear the saying that a woman should settle down with a man who loves her more than she loves him — there's less chance he'll stray. But again — do you want that to be the reason why you accept to date and even marry someone?

For me, second isn't the best. If it were, wouldn't we all be aiming for runner's up rather than first prize?

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