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Okay, so we've all had sex on a bed. It's comfy and cozy, and afterwards, you can snuggle up and talk about how much you love one another (you know - a guy's favorite thing to do!). I have to say though, sex can be equally wonderful elsewhere in your home.

Tell me, besides your bed, what do you like to have sex on?


iDesign717 iDesign717 9 years
the backyard! in the middle of a summer night with a blanket down. best orgasm of my life LOL
fadeastride fadeastride 9 years
Thus far, I've only ever done it on a bed (though I've been pondering other places). This definitely has convinced me to persuade the boyfriend to try it elsewhere. :-P
nillawafer1983 nillawafer1983 10 years
Haha I love the whole "almost getting caught" my school's senior gala at the Boston Park Plaza hotel, my date and I went at it on the mezzannine overlooking the dancefloor. People probably thought we were just making out since he was sitting on a chair and I was straddling him and I had a dress on....quite exciting ;-)
PearChaos PearChaos 10 years
I love the bed best, but second is backseat of the car. Especially in the Target parking lot. Mmm... good memories.
motherof3 motherof3 10 years
I love the chair.
hboogie hboogie 10 years
On a staircase! Seriously, the different levels make it very versatile and you can find yourself in lots of interesting positions. A carpeted staircase is best.
catstarr catstarr 10 years
I LOVE countertops. But I also like getting down in the dirt. The back yard is amazing!
barjar1122 barjar1122 10 years
The deck on a great evening.
melda melda 10 years
i never had sex
poshy poshy 10 years
Definitely the couch, armless chair, giant desk and the counter ;) p.s: I say in the car is the hottest!
desertflower desertflower 10 years
It really doesn't matter. I prefer on the bed or on couch. On the floor gives me rug burns and its a little slippery in the shower but I'm not picky I'll accept where ever I can get it.
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 10 years
chair. or a couch.
demeter demeter 10 years
I like the bed. It's comforting.
sarasonne sarasonne 10 years
Ok, tried the floor and my low back was so sore the next day! I must be getting old.
Muirnea Muirnea 10 years
lovebug3, that sounds pretty awesome, lol...very passionate, heat of the moment, movie stuff, lol! :)
Muirnea Muirnea 10 years
never done it on much other than the bed...but the floor can be fun
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 10 years
I've never had sex. Boo. :[
brigitteplease brigitteplease 10 years
wow im really surprised by that first comment, i thought i was the only one that thought the bathroom counter was a good spot!
omilawd omilawd 10 years
The floor, definitely. Except sometimes I get rug burn on my back, which is NOT fun.
CesyBabe CesyBabe 10 years
Shower has never worked, too slippery!
lovebug3 lovebug3 10 years
I like to have it standing up while I'm up against the wall and he's holding me up with one arm.
nessabum nessabum 10 years
the next est thing to a bed is a couch :)
niceview niceview 10 years
I like the shower, but also a warm, not hot, the wetness. In front of a fire, in a warm place outdoors where there are not pesky criters around the ground...the idea of being watched is a turn on.
brdwaystarlett brdwaystarlett 10 years
Until recently, I'd never had sex on a bed. Have to say though, starting on a futon on the floor and winding up on the floor in another section of the house... great reason to explain rug burn.
emalove emalove 10 years
We usually just do it on the bed or couch. Sometimes an armless chair too, I like that. The floor's okay, as long as there's no scratchy rug! Like Amanda-La, I don't like shower sex, it's too awkward. The strangest place I've ever had sex was on a pool table in a bar (after closing time) was pretty hot.
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