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One Thing You Don't Want From Your Ex

Not to be a fearmonger, but researches continue to find that people in friends-with-benefits situations are more likely to contract an STD — specifically, when the "situation" is sex with an ex.

It makes sense. If it's a person you once had unprotected sex with, then it's much easier to forgo the condom. But depending on how long it's been — or maybe it need not be long at all — that person's sexual history has been revised. Plus, it's unlikely nonrelationship sex, whether it's with an ex or not, is monogamous. Nonmongomous sex is called "concurrency" in STD parlance, and concurrency accelerates the spread of STDs.

I'd like to say something smart and helpful right now, but I don't think "never go near your ex again" seems either. We might not have to teach our exes what we like in bed, but it's wise to treat these familiar partners like new ones when it comes to protection. Are you guilty of unprotected sex with an ex?

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Miss-Infamous Miss-Infamous 7 years
OMG! Once I stop seeing an ex thats it Im done! But I used to go back in the past. We all mess up. Get tested frequently!
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 7 years
I haven't but one of my close friends did. She figured since they had only broken up two months before their last sexual encounter he was clean. She ended up getting an STI.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
yes but i'm also guilty of unprotected sex with him when he was my boyfriend and probably cheating on me with who knows how many people i am honestly so lucky, when i think about it, that he didn't give me anything this is such a good point's so easy to fall into stop with your ex even if just for a night, and you don't think about these things all the time...especially not since you're probably thinking "WTF i'm about to sleep with my ex!" and thinking about all the other implications (emotionally) of that, not physically
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