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George Michael said it best, "Sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody does it but everybody should" and now the March issue of Self is telling us why. Although we have sex for many reasons, mainly because it's pleasurable, getting between the sheets has its health benefits, too. If you need another excuse to get busy this weekend, click here to

, and see all the good a little nooky can do.

According to the article, these 10 reasons to have sex will help make a better you!

  • Sex staves off the sniffles
  • Sex eases migraines
  • Sex reduces your endometriosis risk
  • Sex bolsters bladder control
  • Sex soothes stress
  • Sex is a sleep aid
  • Sex ups your self-esteem
  • Sex syncs your cycle
  • Sex tightens and tones
  • Sex helps you eat better

Dear's Advice: Always remember to practice safe sex.

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