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Using condoms is an awesome way to protect yourself from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. The thing is, most condoms are made out of latex, and for some women who have a latex sensitivity, it can be really irritating.

The protein in latex is what people are allergic to. Latex rubber gloves, balloons and condoms are high in this protein, and can cause serious reactions. If you are sensitive to latex, when you have sex you may experience burning, itchiness, redness, puffiness, and an all around uncomfortable irritation.

Some latex condoms also contain spermicidal lubricant. Before declaring that you are allergic, try using latex condoms without spermicidal lubricant. If your lady business is still in pain, you know it's the latex condom causing it not the spermicide.

There are latex-free condoms. To hear about them

It's good to know that Durex makes a latex-free condom called Avanti. They're made out of polyurethane instead of latex, and they prevent against STIs and pregnancy just as well. Trojan makes an ultra thin and odor-free version called Trojan Supra. Natural Lamb condoms are also latex-free, but they don't prevent against STIs.

Dear's Advice: Remember that sex is supposed to feel good, so if it doesn't, and you've already switched to latex-free and spermicidal-free condoms, check out this post to hear about some other reasons sex may be hurting.

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