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I'm with you; there really is no perfect form of birth control. Either you have to deal with taking hormones that affect your mood and decrease your sex drive, or you have to use condoms, which can make sex less enjoyable. You can also chart your cycle, but one little mistake and you can end up with an unplanned pregnancy.

Then there's the pull and pray method. While having unprotected sex, the guy pulls out and ejaculates outside the woman's body. No sperm inside means no baby, right? Perhaps, if not for one teeny detail. To find out what it is,


Pre-cum, or pre-ejaculate as it's also called, is the one thing many couples forget about. This is the bit of fluid that releases from the man's penis before he ejaculates, and yes, it can contain sperm, and it only takes one little swimmer to reach a woman's egg in order to get her pregnant. The bottom line is this: if being a mom isn't on your current to-do list, do not rely on the pull and pray method, even if your guy can control his member's actions. Remember that he has no control over the release of pre-cum, so take the time to find a more reliable form of birth control that works for you.


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