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Nobody wants to have an unexpected pregnancy. We do all we can not to get pregnant, and some of us even come up with ideas of our own to prevent becoming a premature mom.

I'll never forget when my best friend from high school lost her virginity (she was the first one in our circle of friends). She said that she wanted to be extra sure not to get pregnant, so she made her boyfriend wear two condoms instead of one. Bad idea! While it's true that condoms are 85 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, double bagging (as it's sometimes called) does not make condoms more effective. In fact, wearing two condoms causes tension and friction, so tearing is more likely to happen. Plus, two condoms can be bunchy, which will cause it to not fit properly. If the condom doesn't fit right, it's more likely to slip off, and semen can potentially get inside the vagina causing pregnancy.

Dear's Advice: Stick to using one condom, the right way. If you hate condoms, use another effective form of birth control to make sure you stay pregnant free.


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