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Sex Slang 2011-01-18 15:30:13

Test Your Vocab For Sex and Vices

Happy Thesaurus Day! Yes, it's one of those made-up holidays, but what better chance to check up on how sexually versatile our tongues are. Oh, you know what I mean!

Test Your Vocab For Sex and Vices

What is "occupy" an old synonym for?

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rossy rossy 6 years
5/8?! - I don't know where you got the info to make up this quiz... But I didn't think I'd get that many right! One, yes: #4 since I have relatives in Britain & Scotland (& am a fan of lots of their shows) so I know quite a lot of their slang terms for things. - Also, I expected to get #6 WRONG since I've NEVER done drugs in my life - Nor have any reason to learn the terms for them now. As (Southpark's) Mr. Mackey would say: Drugs are bad!" ;)
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