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26 Sexy Movies on Netflix in February 2023

The 26 Sexiest Movies on Netflix to Stream Tonight

Nothing ruins the mood of a Netflix and chill session like spending too much time scrolling through your options. That's why we're shouting out the top sexy movies on Netflix — everything from steamy foreign flicks and erotic romances to tantalizing period dramas and sensual LGBTQ+ love stories. And there's plenty to choose from. The streaming service boasts an ever-growing collection of erotic movies, including sexy Netflix originals and steamy throwbacks. There's a sexy Netflix movie for every mood, whether you're solo or with a date.

Whether you're looking for a steamy foreign flick, a romantic and erotic Netflix movie, a tantalizing period drama, or a sensual LGBTQ+ love story, this roundup of sexy Netflix movies has you covered for any night of the week. We teased out the sexiest movies Netflix will be offering in the coming month and the already-available picks — they're all so hot, you might steam up your screen.

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1. "Brokeback Mountain"

This 2005 movie is arguably one of the most heartbreaking ever made. It tells the story of a ranch hand, Ennis (played by Heath Ledger), and a cowboy, Jack (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), who fall and love and develop a relationship that plays out over decades, even as they're forced to hide it from those around them. While the movie may move you to tears more than once, the sexual tension that leads up to the first sex scene, and the subsequent displays of passion, are undeniably hot — and a big part of the reason this sexy film is an enduring classic.

Watch "Brokeback Mountain" on Netflix.

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2. "Lady Chatterley's Lover"

As far as erotic movies on Netflix go, it doesn't get much steamier than "Lady Chatterley's Lover." Starring Emma Corrin, the period drama follows Lady Chatterley, a woman who grew up with great wealth and privilege, as she begins her new life with her husband. Albeit, married life isn't as hot and heavy as she thought it would be. Lady Chatterley soon finds herself falling out of love with her husband and developing a wandering eye for the gamekeeper on their English estate. It's with him that Lady Chatterley discovers the true intimacies and desires of sex and, consequently, love. Is there anything better than a spicy period drama? We don't think so.

Watch "Lady Chatterley's Lover" on Netflix.

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3. "The Best of Me"

Based on Nicholas Sparks's romance novel of the same name, this sexy film centers around a pair of former high school sweethearts as they find their way back to one another while mourning the death of an old mutual friend. Twenty years has passed since Dawson (James Marsden) last laid eyes on the love of his life, Amanda (Michelle Monaghan). With her back in their hometown, revisiting the place they first fell in love, it's as if no time has passed at all. However, their steamy reunion soon becomes clouded by the obstacles and judgements that once drove them apart as kids. We love the sexual tension in this spicy pick.

Watch "The Best of Me" on Netflix.

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4. "After Ever Happy"

The Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) saga continues in the fourth installment of the After series, based on the books by romance novelist Anna Todd. In "After Every Happy," secrets from both Tessa's and Hardin's past emerge, threatening to destroy the already creaky foundation of their intoxicating relationship. While Tessa and Hardin have no problem making up (their sex life is out of this world), it's not enough to salvage their lack of communication. She may be his source of refuge, but if Hardin continues to push her away, he may lose Tessa for good — unless her demons push him away first. This will soon top your favorites list of adult Netflix movies.

Watch "After Ever Happy" on Netflix.

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5. "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

John (Brad Pitt) and Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) aren't your typical run-of-the-mill married couple. Not only are they both sexy secret assassins — whose bosses both send them on the same mission — but they're also unaware of each other's true profession. Thus, they have no idea that the target they're after is actually the person they share a bed with every night. That's right, they're both sleeping with the enemy. It isn't long before they learn of each other's real identities, making playing husband and wife all that much more fun and dangerous. And in a twisted way, a lot sexier, too.

Watch "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" on Netflix.

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6. "Love & Basketball"

Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps) spent their childhood teasing each other on and off the court, but eventually their chemistry becomes undeniable. In a steamy, long-anticipated sex scene (definitely worth a replay!), we get to see the two make love for the first time and become a couple. But their relationship is put to the test when they go to college together to play basketball. Monica and Quincy are forced to choose between the love of the game and their love for each other.

Watch "Love & Basketball" on Netflix.

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7. "No Limit"

In this visually compelling and erotic drama, a skilled diver enters a romantic yet toxic relationship with her instructor. The more time they spend together outside of the water, the more infatuated they become with one another. As a result, it begins to affect their professional relationship — specifically, her instructor's quest to break a free-diving record. While their relationship is very much centered on sex and lust (translation: hot and steamy scenes ahead), they have a deeper understanding of each other's needs when it comes to the sport.

Watch "No Limit" on Netflix.

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8. "Eyes Wide Shut"

In this erotic drama, a wife (Nicole Kidman) reveals to her husband (Tom Cruise) that she's been having reoccurring sexual dreams about a man she crossed paths with. Enthralled by his wife's arousing fantasies, Dr. Hartford seeks out his own sexual encounter — only he's set on his happening in real life, not just in his imagination. Through an acquaintance, Dr. Hartford learns of a secret sexual group and sits in on one of their sessions. It's not long before he realizes the group is far more sinister than he realized, prompting him to claw his way out no matter what.

Watch "Eyes Wide Shut" on Netflix.

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9. "No Strings Attached"

Natalie Portman stars opposite of Ashton Kutcher in this feel-good, sexy rom-com about two longtime friends who take their friendship to a place it's never been before: the bedroom. While the sex is amazing, they're not so sure if it's worth losing their friendship over. In order to prevent that, the duo embark on a no-strings-attached situationship — no jealousy, no cute texts, no romantic dates, and no expectations. Just hot sex.

Watch "No Strings Attached" on Netflix.

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10. "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

When Cal (Steve Carell) learns of his wife's affair and, consequently, her desire for a divorce, his picture-perfect life goes up in flames. It's been decades since Cal last dipped his toe in the dating world. So he enlists Jacob (Ryan Gosling), a self-proclaimed player with a Greek-god chiseled body to help him get back out there. With Jacob's help and sexual expertise, Cal gets a new wardrobe, a new haircut, pickup lines, and his mojo back. But Cal and Jacob's friendship is put to the test when Cal discovers Jacob (aka the womanizer who's been coaching him) is seeing his daughter, Hannah (Emma Stone). And boy do those two have sexual chemistry!

Watch "Crazy, Stupid, Love" on Netflix.

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11. "Dear John"

Based on Nicholas Sparks's romance novel of the same name, "Dear John" follows the steamy yet emotional long-distance relationship between soldier John Tyree (Channing Tatum) and college student Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried). The pair meet and fall in love in their home city of Charleston, but when John learns he's being deployed, he and Savannah vow to stay in constant communication via handwritten love letters. Though rare, their in-person reunions make for some arousing television — as in, you may want to forward some of the sexy scenes to your partner for later.

Watch "Dear John" on Netflix.

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12. "Disobedience"

Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz play star-crossed lovers in this sexy drama about two former flames who are reunited under unfortunate pretenses. Following her estranged father's sudden death, Ronit (Weisz), a New York photographer, returns home to the same Orthodox Jewish community that once exiled her for having a romantic relationship with her childhood friend, Esti (McAdams). To Ronit's astonishment, Esti is now married to a man, but their attraction toward one another is as palatable as ever. They slowly start to rekindle the flame, but before they have a chance to figure out their relationship, communal pressures start to weigh heavily on them.

Watch "Disobedience" on Netflix.

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13. "LOL"

Lola's (Miley Cyrus) heart is shattered when she learns that her rocker boyfriend cheated on her over the summer. When she turns to their mutual best friend Kyle for support and comfort, she begins to realize that he could actually be her happily ever after. And when a school trip to Paris allows Lola and Kyle to take their friendship to new (and sexy-as-hell) heights, things are made even more complicated in this Netflix adult movie.

Watch "LOL" on Netflix.

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14. "Malcom & Marie"

Zendaya stars opposite John David Washington in this powerful, intimate story about an anger-driven filmmaker and his resentful girlfriend following the biggest movie premiere of his career. The black-and-white movie takes place over the course of one long night, which plays out solely in their home (primarily their bedroom). A literal take on the phrase "never go to bed angry," Malcom (Washington) and Marie (Zendaya) work throughout the night to resolve their differences and pent-up negative feelings toward one another. However, chemistry seems to be no issue of theirs, which they gladly use as a buffer and apology tactic whenever possible.

Watch "Malcom & Marie" on Netflix.

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15. "Anne+: The Film"

Anne (Hanna van Vliet) has never been at a bigger crossroads in her life. Not only is the deadline for her novel quickly approaching, but her long-term girlfriend also just dropped a major bombshell: she is moving to Montreal and wants to be polyamorous. So they set a plan into motion: Anne will leave Amsterdam and join Saar (Jouman Fattal) as soon as her book is complete. The only problem is Anne hates every word she's written thus far, and her publishers aren't too convinced, either. During a much-needed night out with her friends, Anne meets a nonbinary drag artist, and inspiration strikes — well, it does after rolling around in bed together and getting to know one another person on a hotter, more intimate level than Anne ever knew was possible.

Watch "Anne+: The Film" on Netflix.

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16. "Lust Stories"

An anthology film, "Lust Stories" follows the lives of four different women as they explore relationships, true love, sex, and a world of lust in modern India. The first story chronicles a woman named Kalindi (Radhika Apte), a married teacher in an open relationship who finds comfort and gratification in sleeping with her students and coworkers. In the second chapter, a maid finds herself falling for her employer after a heavy make-out sesh — only to discover he's about to enter an arranged marriage. The movie continues with Reena (Manisha Koirala), who begins a sensual affair with her husband's friend. In the final story, new couple Megha (Kiara Advani) and Paras (Vicky Kaushal) face difficulties in the bedroom, which leads Megha to a journey of self-pleasure. There's a hot and steamy fantasy in here for everyone.

Watch "Lust Stories" on Netflix.

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17. "Through My Window"

Raquel (Clara Galle) has had a thing for her next-door neighbor, Ares (Julio Peña Fernández), for as long as she can remember. She spends basically every waking moment spying on him from her bedroom . . . and then she gets caught. Lucky for her, he finds it extremely hot. Known as the bad boy on campus, Ares doesn't do relationships, and with their families being polar opposites of one another, the possibility of a relationship isn't even within reach. But the more he gets to know Raquel, both inside and outside the bedroom, the more he wants her all to himself. This sexy Spanish film will have you reaching for a tall glass of water and a fan, too.

Watch "Through My Window" on Netflix.

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Ji-Woo and Ji-Hoo are giving Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele a run for their money in this erotic workplace film. Looking to live out their deepest and darkest fantasies in a consensual and safe space — and without having to worry about the need to fulfill the responsibilities that come with a full-fledged relationship — two coworkers enter into a contractual relationship. Trust, it's a lot sexier and dirtier than it sounds. He considers himself an expert submissive, and she's always wanted to play the role of a domme, so it's the perfect match. This sexy Korean romance will leave you with goosebumps all over — and maybe a few fantasies you'd like to try out, too.

Watch "Love and Leashes" on Netflix.

Is it getting hot in here, or is that just Amanda Seyfried steaming up our screens? Convinced her husband (Liam Neeson) is having multiple affairs, a timid wife Catherine (Julianne Moore) seeks out the counsel of a sex worker named Chloe (Seyfried), whom she hires to tempt her husband. Things get drastically out of hand when a flirty outing turns into the two of them fogging up the windows of a botanical garden, leaving Catherine dazed, confused, and a little bit jealous at the same time — so Chloe gives her a sexual awakening of her own. It's a twisted love triangle no one saw coming.

Watch "Chloe" on Netflix.

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"Closer" is a very messy yet spicy film about four strangers whose lives become tangled together after one man's boredom leads him to have an affair with successful photographer Anna (Julia Roberts). Still bored and clearly unhappy with his life, Dan (Jude Law) begins catfishing a dermatologist named Larry (Clive Owen) as Anna. Unbeknownst to Dan, Larry and the real-life Anna find themselves in the same room one day, and their love story unfolds from there. Meanwhile, Dan's girlfriend, Alice (Natalie Portman), looks into his wrongdoings and uses her job as an adult dancer to come between Larry and Anna's wholesome relationship.

Watch "Closer" on Netflix.

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Inspired by a true story, this steamy period romance tells the story of author Virginia Woolf's (Elizabeth Debicki) illicit love affair with an aristocratic woman named Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton). From friends to confidantes to lovers, the two embark on a series of sexy rendezvous, regardless of the fact they both have husbands at home. While tumultuous at times, their lust-filled relationship goes on to provoke incredibly personal written works of art. Though each woman was successful in her own genre of writing, this is the tantalizing tale behind one of Woolf's most beloved novels, "Orlando." Add this spicy movie to your queue stat.

Watch "Vita & Virginia" on Netflix.

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Tessa and Hardin and their tumultuous relationships are back at it again in "After We Collide," the second movie in the After saga that's also based on Anna Todd's novel of the same name. This storyline revolves around Tessa (Langford) and her glamorous new life as an intern at Vance Publishing. Her dreamy coworker Trevor (Dylan Sprouse) goes out of his way to show Tessa he's the better man for her, not Hardin (Tiffin). Speaking of Hardin, he's still jealous of every male friend Tessa allows into her life and is dealing with some pretty heavy emotional trauma from his past. Unlike the first movie in the series, this one is strictly rated R, so you know what that means.

Watch "After We Collide" on Netflix.

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The third installment in the After series, "After We Fell," finds an eager Tessa (Langford) on the cusp of starting her new publishing job in Seattle. But as with every big change and milestone in their relationship, Hardin (Tiffin) finds a way to derail the situation. This time he tells her about his plans to move back home to London after graduation — and that he expects her to come with him. Caught at a crossroads, Hardin tries to fit into Tessa's new world, but what follows is a tidal wave of resentment, jealousy, and frustration. It's a good thing hot, steamy make-up sex is one of the things they do best.

Watch "After We Fell" on Netflix.

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Based on the novel of the same name by JoJo Moyes, this hot movie on Netflix revolves around a journalist (Felicity Jones) living in present-day London who discovers a series of letters exchanged between ill-fated lovers (played by Shailene Woodley and Callum Turner) living in the French Riviera back in the 1960s. When fate comes knocking on their door, these star-crossed lovers will have no choice but to face their past head-on. A story of second chances and long-lost love, "The Last Letter From Your Lover" will make you ugly cry yet also leave you with goosebumps all over. Spoiler alert: the letters get pretty steamy.

Watch "The Last Letter From Your Lover" on Netflix.

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Starring Gina Rodriguez of "Jane the Virgin," Brittany Snow of "Pitch Perfect," and DeWanda Wise of "She's Gotta Have It," this sexy comedy tells the story of music journalist Jenny (Rodriguez), whose boyfriend of nine years (LaKeith Stanfield) casually dumps her seconds after she lands a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a music magazine based in San Francisco because he's not willing uproot his life or make long-distance work from New York City. Luckily for Jenny, her BFFs Blair (Snow) and Erin (Wise) are there to help her pick up the pieces and plan one last wild and sexy AF weekend in New York City before she moves across the country to fulfill her dreams.

Watch "Someone Great" on Netflix.

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Starring Gillian Jacobs from Netflix's "Love," Vanessa Bayer of "Saturday Night Live," and bestselling writer and comedian Phoebe Robinson, "Ibiza" centers around Harper (Jacobs), a single 30-something living in New York City, and her two gal pals who will stop at nothing to ensure they're always having the best time of their lives. After four years with her company, Harper is sent on her first international business trip to Barcelona. Of course, her besties tag along and drag Harper out to a club on their first night, where she meets hot DJ Leo West (Richard Madden). To say sparks are flying would be an understatement.

Watch "Ibiza: Love Drunk" on Netflix.

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