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Sexual Fetish Quiz

What Do You Know About Fetishes?

People young and old, objects big and small, pretty much anything you can think of can be turn-ons for some people. From the funny to the disturbing to the "what the what?!" see if you can nail this quiz like a dendrophiliac would nail a tree (and I don't mean with a hammer).

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Mechanophilia is a sexual attraction to . . .

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If you have gerontophilia, are you attracted to young or old people?

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Under paraphilic infantilism are these two types of baby role-playing behaviors: adult baby and diaper fetishism. Which one is sexual?

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T/F: Trichophilia is being sexually attracted to nails.

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Macrophilia is a sexual fascination with . . .

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Which of these paraphilias isn't real?

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Which of these fetishes made an appearance in a Sex and the City episode?

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Join The Conversation
mixedpie mixedpie 6 years
Knowing root words made this really easy. Except the Sex and the City part, which seems to me it has more to do with watching the show than knowing anything about fetishes.
KateAthens KateAthens 6 years
Very easy for me cause all these words are greek
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