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India Gets A Lot Sexier — Transgendered TV and Hot Books

They say it takes three happenings to make a trend, but I'm counting one of these as two. Sue me. Math is hard.

In the Economist this week a story about the Indian government's 2005 decision to allow foreign firms to own 100 percent of non-news publications has led to a surprising side-effect. Indian women are snapping up Mills & Boon romance novels by the dozen. As India is still a morally conservative nation, the books often serve as informal sex education — and with titles like, The Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride, I can see how they'd be a great source of information.

And then! This morning! The fancy BBC ran a story on a new controversial talk show in India — where the host, now a woman, used to be a man. She's the first transgendered person in India to host their own show. It's not just the host that's raising eyebrows. The subject matter is also breaking barriers. The head of programming says, "We will be tackling subject that are very controversial in nature, from gay rights to sexual abuse and prostitution. . .All the issues that have been hushed up and put under the carpet." The first episode featured a panel talking about sexual harassement of women.

Well! Check you out India! It's not just your nuclear situation that's hot, hot, hot.

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