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Dear Sugar
I am two months (+) pregnant and I lately I just haven't really been feeling like my sexual self. I've been super tired, achy, moody, my breasts hurt and my body looks bloated. However, I do hear that it's very common to have lustful surges during your second trimester. Is this true?

Also, how can I prepare my husband for all of these ups and downs? Who's to say that he's going to feel the same towards me sexually when I am pregnant? We had a very active sex life before I became pregnant I am worried about how this will effect him/us? Sexy Mama Trauma

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Dear Sexy Mama Trauma
Believe it or not, your hubby may be more on the same page with you than you think. Several Canadian studies believe that soon to be fathers that have a deep emotional connection to their pregnant wives actually have a lowered testosterone level. This means, that their libido is less active. Some studies have even found higher levels of estrogen in these men. So give your husband a little bit of credit. You can rest assure that he's more worried about you and the baby than he is about having a regular sex life.

One of the reasons that you feel sexier in your second trimester is because it may be easier for you to orgasm. You breasts usually grow and you will have more blood flowing toward your pelvis area. This makes your nerve endings go crazy and may definitely lead to making you feel hornier.

If you are feeling particularly sad that you aren't interested in having sex...many women find pleasure in giving oral sex. This won't hurt the baby and it will still make you feel like you are sexually satisfying your husband. Just be sure you are over your nauseated phase - yaking in the middle would most certainly counteract the sexiness you were aiming for!

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Isadora Isadora 10 years
The second trimester is like the honeymoon of pregnancy. When you get the enerygy boost you will feel comfortable in parading yourself i'm sure. because the same thing happened to me. and you will have that aura of confidence that is totaly irresistable and i hope that you will have communication with your husband on how you are feeling. the communication and the sex during pregnancy will bring you and your husband close. ----------------------- *Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise*
herbiefrog herbiefrog 10 years
lol to the op :)
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
U go thru bouts of wanting it not wanting it. And he sadly just has to deal. But like DS said he may be more in sync with you than you think. 2nd trimester with my son I was a complete horn dog and this whole pregnancy really some times I want it but I can totally do with out. GL Enjoy all you can -------------------- Aww man, your breath deflated my pumpkin!
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