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Shake the Flake

Dear Sugar
I have been on a few dates with this guy that I am really starting to like. He is great, but has just one problem - he has major dandruff. The first time I noticed it I thought he had been out in the snow, but then I realized what it was and I was horrified.

Is there a way for me to politely tell him he needs to invest in some Head & Shoulders Shampoo? This problem really bothers me and I would like to correct it if possible so I can focus on what's inside of him instead of being distracted by his dandruff. Grossed Out Gali

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Dear Grossed Out Gali
Ick! If his dandruff is so bad that it looks like he was actually caught in the snow, why hasn't anyone told him about it? Better yet, I wonder how he hasn't noticed it himself? The best thing that you can do for him is to be his friend and tell him sooner rather than later - however awkward the conversation might be.

Dandruff is actually a very common problem that affects over 50% of America's population. The main culprit of dandruff is caused by a rapid turnover of cells caused by an excess of yeast on the scalp and is surprisingly more common in men than women.

This could be a very uncomfortable conversation since you are in the beginning of your relationship so try to keep it as playful and light as possible. The next time you see him, try rubbing his hair and saying something like this:

"Wow, your scalp is really dry, I am going to get you some new shampoo for you to try."

The more easy going you are, the more comfortable he will feel. The best way to rid yourself of that annoying flaky mess is to use a shampoo with tea tree oil or anti-yeast ingredients. A helpful tip is to avoid scratching the head. Scratching will make the symptoms worse and can damage the hair follicles at the root. I hope the shampoo helps and good luck!

Kratsina Kratsina 10 years
If you can see it, he can see it. Trust me, he knows he has a dandruff problem. I know someone with the exact same issue and he couldn't get his problem cleared up without medical intervention. Head and Shoulders and other products just won't work on certain types of scalp conditions. If you care about this guy, you care about hurting his feelings right? Go gently. There is no tactful way to work it into the conversation. It's like asking your overweight friend if she's noticed her ass is big lately. Also he could have psoraisis or exzema as well.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
Or you could bring up that your scalp is dry because of the lack of humidity in winter, that you are going to have to pick up some dandruff shampoo, and ask if he has the same problem? I'm all in.
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
peppermint shampoo or scalp rub works wonders.
cubadog cubadog 10 years
The next time your at his place why don't you just throw some shampoo in his shower for him.
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