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Share Your Love Stories!

Share Your Love Stories!

Maybe you were high school sweethearts, met online, or used to hate each other before realizing you actually wanted to jump in bed together. Hearing any good story about how a couple met and fell in love can inspire even a strict love skeptic, and romantic comedies or romance novels can't compete with authentic love stories.

In honor of Autumn, we're launching a "Fall in Love" series and we want to read your stories. If you want to be featured, create a post in our new community group. Answer our set of questions and upload a photo (or more!) of you and your partner! We want all types of couples — gay, straight, just married, still dating, and everyone else!

Check out the questions and get started!

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bandit85205 bandit85205 5 years
The really cool thing about dating , is talking open up front , this way theres no exptations later .
dikke-kus dikke-kus 5 years
This country needs to live and let live. Thanks for the story.
kglenville35 kglenville35 6 years
Jennifer and Karen We are both from the Lehigh Valley, Pa. We currently live in Emmaus, Pa. (One of the top 100 small towns in America.) Jennifer is an insurance adjuster and I am a teacher. We have been together for almost three years. We have been engaged since November 2008. We met at a very difficult time for both of us. We had a mutual friend and we both needed someone to lean on. Inevitably we believe it was fate. Jennifer had just lost her best friend to breast cancer. She had described her "perfect girl" to her friend who said "I will send her to you." Oddly-almost to the point of being eerie, I fit her description exactly. We feel that we have an angel watching over us. One word to describe Jennifer: beautiful-inside and out What's the one thing you have most in common: Commitment-to one another and to our children. (We each have two children from prior marriages.) What's the one way you differ the most? She is less likely to stand up for herself. I don't allow anyone to mistreat me in any way-even unintentionally. We balance one another in this area. Sometimes you have to turn the other cheek-and she helps me do this and I think I help her to stand up for herself more often. Jennifer and I have overcome unbelievable obstacles to be together. We spent an entire year in a legal battle to get a completely biased and unfair ruling overturned. Last November a judge ruled that Jennifer not be allowed contact with my daughters. This meant that every other week she had to leave our home to live with her mother. My daughters lost someone who they had come to love and think of as a step-mom and Jen lost her home. It was all due to her ex-husband and my ex-husband and their attorneys corresponding and developing a plan which included freezing her bank account so she could not afford an attorney. She had a ruling in one county which occurred days before my hearing in a separate county. My ex's attorney made false allegations that I couldn't disprove (neither could they prove them.) My judge said in his summary that he was ruling for shared custody even though I was the primary caregiver and the preferred parent because I am a lesbian and that while he has no actual proof that Jennifer had done anything wrong, he doesn't have any proof that she didn't, therefore she will not be allowed contact with my children. This happened right before the holidays. It was a horrible mess. It went on and on. The judge refused to hear any appeals. It cost us over $20,000. Finally, however, our nightmare is over and Jennifer is home as of September 30! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We held together through all of it. We love each other more than ever and all of the ugliness-probably meant to tear us apart-only made us more certain that we are meant to be together.
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