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Sharon Stone Says Earthquake Was "Karma." Outrageous?

Sharon Stone Says Earthquake Was "Karma." Outrageous?

Over the weekend at the Cannes Film Festival, Sharon Stone had the opportunity to tell the world exactly how she felt about the earthquake in China (the death toll from which has just topped 65,000). Here's what Ms. Stone had to say:

"Well, you know, it was very interesting . . . I am unhappy about the way Chinese are treating the Tibetans . . . Then all this earthquake, all this stuff happened, I thought, is that karma? When you are not nice, the bad things happen to you."

While she did reference the Dalai Lama, and seemed like she was trying to make a point, the flippant delivery or the way she sort of smiled while she was saying it begs the question — is it even possible a natural disaster that killed 65,000 people is the result of bad karma? Then highlighting that she'd put her head down and helped out, even though the Chinese aren't "nice to you," makes one wonder — does Sharon Stone have a point or is she creating a little karma of her own?

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Illuvatar Illuvatar 8 years
Sorry about that double post. In order for good people to be separated from group karma they have to take a stand and speak out. "Silence is consent". Because of the brutal, heartless evil ones running China, people are intimidated into silence. As far as the innocent who can't control the policies of their evil-leaders, I would like to say that there is certainly something to that. However, many people, including many on this discussion are championing those leaders policies. On this thread we see the voices of these programmed Chinese who have been subjected to a brainwashing-system unparallelled, except perhaps in the public school system of the USA, which is a programming more subtle. On the errors of the old Tibetans, apparently the old system of Tibet was not ideal and there were abuses, sometimes tragic. But let us compare that to Mao's mass-murder of 60,000,000- that is million- Chinese. Look it up in the Guinness World Record book, of the greatest crimes in history. The Epoch Times carries a nine part series on the true history of communism. I dare all you Chinese to read it and to re-consider what you have been force-fed.
sailormoon5 sailormoon5 8 years
But don't you think that there are good people in China to who shouldn't of got hurt to.
Illuvatar Illuvatar 8 years
Sailormoon5 Thank you for responding in a respectful tone. Karma is mediated by heaven, and the good people in the USA are standing between the horrendous karma of the USA, which I might add, unless people turn back to the Light, will most surely descend, and the USA will go the way of Rome. And as a matter of fact, while America slumbers her karma is already returning as freedoms are being lost left and right, people are being reduced to wage-slaves, and the same international money powers that control China behind the communist facade are preparing to implement a mass slave state in the USA. Who cares? The living heart, the living spirit within all people cares. Unfortunately it is drowned out by the clamors infinite in this society. I don't know much of anything about Sharon S. but what she said has been grossly mischaracterized here. Yes, it can be their karma. Yes, we can have compassion at the same time. And yes, it may not be there karma. It may be projections from the HAARP generator. It may be karma of the planet, or portions thereof. It maybe karma of this people from way past embodiments. The two are not mutually exclusive. I see a lot of self-pity in people who refuse to look at the Law. I advise all to take life a lot more seriously. Mass karma is knocking at the door, and it ain't gonna be pretty...
sailormoon5 sailormoon5 8 years
Illuvatar you must understand that there are people who dont belivein Karma so you can say there is this and that Kind Of Karma but really who cares. And is she is sending a message of love then why is she bashing the Chinese people??? Just because of mistakes that they made. If Karma is Real then Why didnt America get something bad like that??? Sailormoon5
Illuvatar Illuvatar 8 years
Shame on you people. You utterly missed what this woman said, and her self-decsribed lesson, of giving love even in the face of brutal treatment. Further, there is group karma, racial karma, national karma, etc. There is the karma of not standing and overthrowing the monsters running China. And yes, there is karma upon the people of the USA for not overthrowing the evil monsters who are running the USA into the ground and who are using her as a club to destroy freedoms and the economies of people around the world.
sailormoon5 sailormoon5 8 years
Well I think that she does not know what she is talking about and also think that she is dumb for thinking that Karma has something to do with a earthquake
Chinahand Chinahand 8 years
I think that a lot of people are uniformed. Just northwest of the epicenter of the earthquake are the Qiang, Qiangic speaking Tibetans and Tibetans. They were affected as well as Han Chinese. Who are the Tibetans helping? I hope everyone is helping everyone rather than being racial in a crisis. This is a innate problem with karma. It seems to say, "you desire what you get." There is no loving God who cares. This as a worldview does now look good on anyone. Especially, an American.
lingericious lingericious 8 years
I am guessing she does not know how karma works, someone mentioned she is a buddhist? She must not be a good one, because I am sure buddhism did not teach her about being insensitive and hurtful in her language. It might be true that she has the right to voice her opinion, but then she must also be able to withstand the opinions of those against her, because they also have the freedom to hate her or just argue against her. It is not just because she is a celebrity that she receive such harsh remarks, anyone would get shot down if the public gets to hear of it. Yeah, I agree totally with TruthChina (You rock, all the information are very useful!). So you know there is no such "karma" to China. Even if the China government did treat Tibet unkindly (which they did not), karma is only when disaster befalls on them, not innocent people. So, although she said that, we should not assume that other celebrities are all like her, most celebrities might have read up on their topics or asked other professionals to do it for them before speaking up. I do dislike the Dalai Lamas being called His Holiness though, it sounds so royalty or Godly, when they are just normal humans with selfish thoughts. I am only thinking based on my own opinions, but I somehow feel that he was making use of the Olympics in China. Maybe some would argue that he does not have any other chances, but I do feel that it is also due to his own selfish benefits. Do enlighten me for why they have PALACES if they were really so holy (imagine monks wanting to live in the palace. They did not! They live simply, going vegetarian, pray to their Gods, some learn martial arts to cleanse their soul and try to not have selfish thoughts.) I sometimes do wonder if Dalai Lamas do the good for their people, if they enjoy life. The latest Dalai Lama even has his own website I see, as if he is a celebrity instead of someone who should be more reserved and not be in the limelight. Well, if I am wrong about any information, do enlighten me in a polite manner. :) For more information about karma, visit:
chancleta chancleta 8 years
stupid & insensitive
rabidmoon rabidmoon 8 years
By the way, anyone else think her answer is as inane and rambling as a badly prepared beauty contestant? :P "and like..because..and they aren't the olympics..and the Dalai Lama is a friend of mine.. (oh yeah, we are like "this!") have to put your head down..and..that's a big lesson..and.. dear god.
rabidmoon rabidmoon 8 years
I used to like Sharon a lot but this really sat badly with me. It made her look like an idiot, and it was one of those wincingly bad "celeb culture fancies itself spiritually wise but actually comes off like an inept turnip" moment. Methinks its a bit too easy for her to prattle off half-baked slivers of while she stands there in her Jimmy Choos, dah-link. I am no fan of China's treatment of Tibet, but I fail to see how the deaths of innocent people serves as the "Karma-phala" when the political wrongdoing was actually wreaked by their government, not themselves. Consider for a moment calling the tsunamis that destroyed Burma "Karma" against the junta that rule the country. Pretty sick, when you think about the actual conditions people are forced to endure there normally, much less under the duress of a natural disaster. She might want to closely examine what karma actually IS in the Tibetan context, before shooting her mouth off so unthinkingly, lest the next earthquake actually happen under her stilettoed feet. There is a distinct karma for acts of nature, that is separate from the karma related to consequences of one's actions. Either way, she came off like a fruit loop. :P
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
This is just one more example of a celebrity thinking that they have the right to judge other people and that their opinion is always right. Sometimes they talk too much. Most of them look and sound completely ignorant, just like Sharon Stone does in that video.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
innocent children don't deserve to die b/c of wat there parents do. she makes actors look completely stupid. do some research b4 u talk!!
Chinese Chinese 9 years
she is a "B i t c h" = bitch
saiparn saiparn 9 years
and what do you feel if others say that 911 attack and Hurricane Katrina also were karma think before speaking
saiparn saiparn 9 years
If she said that Dalai Lama is her good friend, then she has learned nothing from him....Dalai Lama will never say those kind of things for sure
TruthChina TruthChina 9 years
popgoestheworld Thanks for your information. So I know more now about how the U.S. government respect to the native American, so does the Chinese government respect to the majority of the Tibeten, though not to Dalai lama the lier.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
"Has the U.S. government assign a special area for the Re Indians?" Hi TruthChina, thanks for your post. To answer your question, there are areas of land called "reservations" throughout the U.S. that have been set aside for the Native American population. There are certain federal laws that apply to these lands, but they are self-governing in many ways. I believe the US committed thousands of atrocities to the Native Americans and it's something that I personally am ashamed of about our history. I don't know enough about the history of China and Tibet to pass judgment about the situation there but perhaps there are some similarities. Does anyone have any good book recommendations to learn more about this?
TruthChina TruthChina 9 years
Let's me give you a history lesson. The Chinese government had not invaded Tibet, tibet is a part of China for few hundred years. If you want to count back in time, European invaded "the land of the Red Indians" in probably les than 200 years. and the current Chinese government still give the Tibet area as a "Self-governed special area" : i.e. unlike other provinces, Tibetan have rights to govern their province in their own way, except nation security. Has the U.S. government assign a special area for the Re Indians?
TruthChina TruthChina 9 years
Bitchy Sharon, what do you know about China? What do you know about Tibet? Since the earthquake happened at 2:28,the No.2 leader of the Chinese government, Mr. Wu (like Vice President in the States), arrived the most dangereous area in less tahn 5 hours. He couldn't reach the heart by plane, so he ordered the army to drive him, thru very danger landscape and mountain, and arrived the most serious damaged zone. The first thing he told hid rescue army is that "...these people are those who raise you and your families, I don't care how difficult, you must take them out of these danger." o.k tell me where is President Bush when when Katrina hit the State ? and tell me when the communist army helping the Tibetan people in the area, where is your great friend "Dalai Lama" ? (vacation with you in Europe? Let me tell you idiot, most of the Chinese people and Tibetan fell they have better life with the current Chinese government. Only you, and Dalai, and maybe some of the anti-China US politician hate them, because our government threaten their benefit.
quinque quinque 9 years
Lots of Tibetans inhabit Sichuan province too, including the place where the earthquake happened. If the earthquake was a Karma to Chinese as a revenge for Tibetans, why didn't it single out the places where the least Tibetans live, for instance, some eastern provinces? Obviously she is a little mentally challenged... Or just a bit slow... Well I am happy to read the positive comments above, which shows most people are not like her. Thank Goodness!
yy yy 9 years
Chinese and Tibetan are a whole family!!!! Sharon you should go back to school to learn world history, and geograhy, because the quake took place in Tibetan area.
emei emei 9 years
It looks all pale no matter how you explain what 'Karma' really means literally. Yes, it's all about how people feel about it, and we all know what she actually means. Think about this, when 9-11 happened, if some Chinese celebrity openly said, oh, it's a karma to America because American government has been UNKIND to Arab people, how would American people feel? All I remember is that Giuliani even rejected $10mil donation from a Saudi prince (Waleed bin Talal?) just because he mentioned that American should also think about its middle east policy. I believe compared with natural disaster like earthquake, 9-11 is more of something resulting from human doings, but I never heard Sharon said it's a Karma. Yes, she has right to her opinion, we have right to our opinion too. When somebody is so indifferent to other people's suffering and feelings at such a tragic moment, I'd say she (or he) is totally barbaric and inhumane, and I don't care she (or he) is a politician or actress or anybody else, I'd just say, go to hell, you piece of garbage!
Lovethewayilook Lovethewayilook 9 years
It's a funny thing you should talk about being nice to other people while you categorize something as devastating as a natural disaster killing over 60,000 people as "Bad Karma";and talk as if the innocent people that died deserved it because of the Chinese government's foreign policies which your ignorant head knows nothing about. And all this verbal violence because you don't like the way they are treating a friend of yours? I guess the time has finally come for Sharon to join the Nazis. This self-centered, ignorant, hypocritical, old broad has done it again. When you have your family members die in a tragedy like this, then talk to me about "sensitivity" and "hurting" feelings.
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