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If the article entitled "How to Lose Up to 10 Pounds Before Prom" doesn't already have you thinking WTF, it gets better (or worse). Just to be clear, the article appears in the health section of the Chicago Tribune, not in the pages of Seventeen as you might have expected.

A couple of things have me scratching my head. The first being that it frames encouraging young girls to shed pounds fast before they head to prom in just a couple short months as a healthy suggestion. Along with tips to scale down caloric intake like "look for little diet trims . . . Eat one slice of bread on a sandwich instead of two, order a child-sized scoop of ice cream rather than a small, use less oil when you cook and switch to lower-fat cheeses," the article also gives this warning: "Beware high-calorie drinks." It continues, "Many dieters sabotage their efforts with coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages and smoothies full of fat, calories and sugar." Right. Practical tips for teens trying to lose pounds now include laying off the booze.

All jokes aside, I'm thinking teenage girls have enough in the way of body image issues, and encouraging them to eat sandwiches with only one slice of bread seems to me a slippery slope.

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