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POPSUGAR reported that Kim Basinger and Alec Balwin are still at each other's throats over custody of their ten year-old daughter Ireland. I just think that there should be as much respect between parents, even if they are ex's for the child's sake.

Who knows how it's effecting this poor child right now, but she's old enough to hear the rumors and read what's going on in the papers between her parents. In no way can this kind of familial fighting be good for a kid. What are your thoughts?

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KimmiAnn KimmiAnn 10 years
Yep! You do what you can while you got them, then try to repair the damage the other parent does when you have the's a vicious cycle. Believe in Magic!
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
that is just so wrong i can't even breathe. kids should never have to suffer because their parents are morons. granted..they will no matter what, but parents should do everything they can to keep it to a bare minimum and never ever use them to manipulate the situation
KimmiAnn KimmiAnn 10 years
Oh people don't get me started on this one! People who use a child as a pawn or refuse to let them talk about their other family make me want to puke. This is a really really sore spot of mine because I see first hand what impact it has. No matter how hard one parent tries, the other acting like an immature child basically trashes all the good things for the child's psychological being. Believe in Magic!
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
No. Keep the children out of it.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
I was totally in the middle of my parents' divorce. They used me to hurt each other. It was 26 years ago (I was five) and I remember it like it was yesterday. So, I speak from experience when I say KEEP THE KIDS OUT OF IT!
yayita yayita 10 years
No, kids should be kept out o fit, unless one of the parents is unfit. In that case then yes they should be involved
Jinx Jinx 10 years
I think, if parents divorce, the child is is the middle of it, like it or not, but they shouldn't be used as pawns. "Like MySpace, only more arrogant"
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
parents divorcing sucks! I was 5 when my dad said that he loved me more than my mom cause be bought me more toys, that b@stard! It was a traumatic experience for me and when I think of it now, it still bothers me. I think both parents need to handle it with maturity and sensitivity, for the sake of their child's future sanity and relationship with both parents.
Masqueraded_Angel Masqueraded_Angel 10 years
Of course not. Involving a young child such as her will only lead to bigger problems down the road. I also hate the parents that bring their children to court with them to get a little more sympathy from the judge. Absolutely sickening.
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