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Should Contraception Be Considered Abortion?

Right now Church and State aren't looking so separate in the US. Both the Catholic Church's opposition to birth control as well as the Bush Administration's similar attempt to limit access to contraception by defining it as abortion, have been openly criticized this week by contraception advocates.

An open letter, written by over 50 international Catholic dissent groups, asks the Pope to lift the Church's ban on birth control. Taking out an ad in an Italian newspaper, the groups point to the important role contraception plays in the fight against AIDS, especially in poor countries. But the plea fell on deaf ears, as the Vatican quickly denounced the ad as propaganda, adding that condom policies have failed to fight AIDS.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton wrote an open letter to her supporters, hoping to raise awareness about Bush's plan to put "ideology before science and women's health." Clinton explains that the Department of Health and Human Services wants to make it harder for women to access common forms of contraception like birth control pills, emergency contraception, and IUDs by labeling them "abortion." Proposed regulations would allow healthcare providers to refuse to provide contraception to women who need it, disproportionately impacting uninsured and low-income Americans.


HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 9 years
I agree with Wadewifey !!!!
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
No, it should not be considered abortion.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
No problem, lilkimbo - I'm glad I could find something on it!
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
Yeah, thanks for the info Martini. I was wondering what insurance companies didn't cover both. It's good to know that the dems are also using mostly untrue attack ads...
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Thanks so much, Martini! I remember trying to find more data on it when that commercial first came out, but I couldn't find anything. I really appreciate it. :hug:
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
YIKES - Sorry, I cut and pasted more than I thought I did - sorry for the loooooonnnnng post!! :oops:
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
lilkimbo, I was trying to find out the answer to the birth control question, I did find this on the Newsweek website: (I'll post part of it, so I don't get flagged for posting a link) "Summary Planned Parenthood is running a TV ad showing John McCain painfully groping for an answer to a reporter's question: "It's unfair that health insurance companies cover Viagra but not birth control. Do you have an opinion on that?" McCain had good reason to be flustered. The premise of the reporter's question is a myth. We couldn't find any data that show a disparity between health insurance companies that cover Viagra and those that cover birth control. The full range of contraceptives, in fact, are covered by more than 86 percent of private insurance plans written for employers." "The ad implies there is a significant disparity between the number of insurance plans that cover Viagra and those that cover birth control. But that's not the case. A 2004 report by the nonpartisan Guttmacher Institute found that in 2002, 86 percent of the plans that insurance companies typically wrote for employers covered the full range of approved reversible contraceptive methods (birth control pills, hormone injections, implants, IUDs and diaphragms), and only 2 percent covered no methods at all. The worry that Viagra, but not birth control, is being included in health care plans is out-of-date, according to Adam Sonfield, who coauthored the report. He says that when Viagra initially became available and insurers began to cover it, "there was concern that this was the case and that insurance companies really were covering erectile dysfunction drugs but were not covering contraception." This concern, he says, helped spur efforts to get contraception coverage mandated in 27 states, and contraceptive coverage rates shot up as a result. Sonfield's study, which asked insurance companies about employer-sponsored plans, found that coverage of contraceptive methods had tripled from 1993 to 2002. Sonfield says that the number of plans covering birth control likely has continued to increase over the last six years, though he stresses that U.S. health care is still short of complete coverage."
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Sorry for the three posts. I would write something and post, then realize that I wanted to say something about something else.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
As for organized religion serving no real purpose, nothing could be further from the truth. Religions do a lot of community outreach programs, go abroad on service troops, give many people hope when they had none, allow many people to feel at home in new communities, etc. I could go on forever about the good things organized religions do. I feel like as long as they are not pushed on others, they are great organizations.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
Oh, and this is in response to something brought up a while ago, but did we ever determine exactly what percentage of insurance companies don't provide coverage for contraceptives? I keep seeing people on this board say things like, "most insurance companies don't cover birth control," but have yet to see someone provide actual statistics. I have been on multiple different insurance plans (I'm young, so I was on my parents, then changed jobs a few times until I found the right fit in the right field) and I have never been in a situation where birth control wasn't covered. After the last thread I asked several friends about it and none of them have ever been in a situation where birth control wasn't covered. I know some insurance plans don't cover birth control, but I think it's inaccurate to say that most don't without any facts to back up that assertion.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 9 years
I am jumping in so late. Anyway, I don't agree that birth control is abortion and don't think it should be banned, but I can see why some would (see what cine was saying). That being said, as long as those people don't try to push their views on others through legislation or in any other way, I don't have a problem with it. The question of when human life begins is a delicate and philosophical one as is the notion of a soul; I don't think it's up to us to say that another person's idea of when a soul begins to exist (or whether souls exist at all) is wrong.
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
If your church is giving you a lot of unearned guilt, then you're going to the wrong church. Try the Lutherans (ELCA) or Methodists.
stephley stephley 9 years
Bingo, pot luck and unearned guilt Raci, where would we be without them?
raciccarone raciccarone 9 years
I think organized religions should be banned. They serve no real purpose.
Lady-Boleyn Lady-Boleyn 9 years
Bleached-I read what you had to say and I couldn't agree more. It is just like a relationship. I am not going to love everything my husband does and he'll get on my nerves, but I still love him and the small things do not out weigh the bad. Religion is the same way, I won't agree with everything, but the good out weighs all the bad.
Bettyjane Bettyjane 9 years
I wish :) the pope-mobile is pretty snazzy :)
Lady-Boleyn Lady-Boleyn 9 years
Betty, I never said that. I know that you're not the Pope so you can't know everything about the Church ;)
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
Bleached, thanks for being the voice of reason! :-)
Z-E-R-O Z-E-R-O 9 years
No, it should not be considered abortion. Talk about regression. I understand the points about not expecting the church to change, but the times have changed and we have been dealt different hands that include issues such as AIDS. Sitting around and acting like it is 1,000 years ago when the world around us is evolving is not what I believe God would want us to do. I believe He loves us all and would want us to protect ourselves from modern day issues and look out for our fellow mankind. And yes, GWB is technically the head of HHS. Just like in a job, everything comes back to the boss. Otherwise, what's the point of having a boss?
bleached bleached 9 years
Wow... everyone seems to be very defensive... Can't we all be friends (^_^) Although I do agree that you don't need to be a part of an organized religion to have a relationship with God, I don't feel that if I don't subscribe to every belief that I should leave the church. I am a practicing Catholic and I am pro-choice, I am not a proponent of intelligent design, I don't believe that being in a same sex relationship is a sin, I feel that women should be allowed to become priests and I also do not believe that Harry Potter is the devil because he can control nature with magic. Jesus had a message of love and acceptance for everyone. He made a difference in people's lives and that is what I strive to do each and every day. I find going to church comforting. I find the community caring and welcoming even if there are some things that I don't agree with. I would find it very difficult to leave my Church behind because I would feel like I was turning away from a part of me. It is easy to say "If you don't agree, walk away", much more difficult to do.
Bettyjane Bettyjane 9 years
Really? Did my statement claim to know EVERYTHING about the church? That is news to me? Just looks like an opinion about the Catholic church. Who knew?
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 9 years
BettyJane, I've responded to you in a private message.
Lady-Boleyn Lady-Boleyn 9 years
"The Catholic church has their rules and regulations and that is what they are about." That is what you said Betty. I was giving an alternative point of view to your statement that claims to know everything about the Church.
Bettyjane Bettyjane 9 years
Jesus, I am not "claiming" anything. In general I don't agree with major world religions because of their viewpoints. So, would I expect them to change just to appease me? No, I wouldn't subscribe to that particular faith and move on. That is all I am saying. One does not NEED an establishment to have a relationship with God, end of story.
Lady-Boleyn Lady-Boleyn 9 years
In reading Betty's comments, I have known the Catholic Church to have been one of the most warm and welcoming institutions I have ever been in contact with. I say this as a Catholic, but that doesn't change my view. Humans are filled with emotions and the Catholic Church is run by such humans and isn't some cold thing. Without going into detail, there have been a few times in my short life that I have known it to "bend" to the needs of others/issues at hand. With it being such a public structure, it is easy to knock, but it is as cold as it has been claimed to be in this post.
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