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Should I Do Something Special For His Birthday?

"Should I Do Something Special For His Birthday?"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I was going out with this guy for almost four months and things were going great, we were having lots of fun and a nice time. However, one day he told me that he had problems with long term commitment and that he still feels like he wants to be single. At the time he was not referring to me specifically, but after few drinks we started talking about our relationship. I took this as a rejection and that what we had wouldn't develop into something more serious. So I decided to step back. It happened that my birthday was at the end of that week and he organized a big surprise romantic dinner. After that, I never got in touch with him and he didn't contact me either. I guess he got the message that I didn't want a casual relationship.

It's been three weeks now and we still haven't talked. I like the guy a lot, but after several heart breaks and men who didn't want to commit I am not ready to just date casually. His birthday is coming up in two days and I was wondering if I should I write to him a birthday email? Should I leave him a gift as a surprise at his building? Should I take him out for dinner — seeing him again will make me become weaker though — or should I just ignore it completely? Let's face it, deep down I am still hoping that he contacts me so we could talk about us. Could it be that if I do something nice for his birthday he would want to reconsider me in his life? What should I do?

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