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Is Confessing Past Dating Indiscretions Honest or Selfish?

When I do something wrong or embarrassing, no matter how big or small, I tell someone. It's usually something I've done while alone or to no one I know, so it's not a confession per se, but it's always about me unburdening myself. I want to hear "Oh, I've done that," or someone to just laugh it off with. It's why our weekly Sunday Confessional is so popular: saying (or writing) our misdeeds provides release — and great reading material!

But like all things, the confession thickens when it comes to relationships. Today in Group Therapy, a man wants to know if he should tell the new woman he's seeing that he cheated on a past girlfriend by seeing a prostitute. Part of me says, if he's been tested for STDs, hasn't done it since, and has no intention of doing it again, then why bring it up? Is it to ease his conscience or build a foundation of trust?

Honesty is not always the best policy, so is confessing the sins of past relationships, which have no lasting effects (i.e. STDs), honest or selfish?

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