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Finland's popular foreign minister is the latest politician to lose his job over naughty text messages. Ilkka Kanerva sent over 200 erotic text messages to a stripper, pictured. He initially denied the story when it broke in a gossip magazine, but later confessed to using his taxpayer cell phone to send the messages while attending an EU meeting in Brussels.

Technically he lost his post because the incident destroyed the confidence and respect needed to do the job. The embarrassing incident was reason enough to end the statesman's credibility, and thus, career.

Back in the US, Detroit's mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is facing federal criminal charges over 14,000 steamy text messages between him and his ex-chief of staff. Some want the mayor to stay in office, because the texts concerned a private sexual matter between two consenting adults, so lying about it to a grand jury is no big deal. Do you buy it?

If no crime is alleged, like with the Finnish foreign minister, should the public just get over it? Politicians aren't the only ones sending flirty text messages.

To see the 40-year-old man who will replace Kanerva,


New Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb.


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