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Should Rape Suspects Always Be Charged As Adults?

It is hard to imagine how an adult could commit as disgusting a crime as rape, but when minors commit this act of violence, the law is challenged to confront it as well.

In Florida, four middle school kids accused of raping a 13-year-old boy in a school locker-room over a two-month period will be charged as adults. They each face up to 120 years in prison, if convicted of all counts.

The case of Daniel Hood, a star football player, and convicted rapist, headed to University of Tennessee on a full scholarship, recently inspired a debate over second chances for rapists. When he was 13, Hood was tried as a juvenile for the rape of his cousin. He received probation, and is now free to live the privileged life of a college athlete.

While trying these boys as adults sends the message that rape is a serious crime, do you think they should still be afforded a second chance considering their ages?


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