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Should You Do First-Look Wedding Photos? Here's What to Consider
Women's Health
This Company Went From Selling Gag Gifts to Raising Breast Cancer Awareness
Why You Should Really Consider Having Your Wedding Photographed on Real Film

Showcase Showdown Bidding on The Price Is Right

The Price Is Wrong . . . and Wrong Again!

You know there's a problem with your bid when Bob Barker pretends to mishear your answer in hope that you will quickly correct yourself. And you really know there's a problem when Bob Barker acknowledges your answer, advises you to "think about that for a moment," and gives you yet another opportunity to change your bid. Oh Bob, there's just no hope for the numerically challenged . . .

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katiewaves katiewaves 8 years
I think I was more surprised by her name. Gay?
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 8 years
Aww. Poor dude. I think nerves got the best of him.
ggnelle ggnelle 8 years
i dont think $250,000 even fits on the little screen...
lily8206 lily8206 8 years
Wow. He just didn't seem to have ANY idea what was going on! Glad he changed his original guess though - that would have been way too embarrassing!
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