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Showing McCain's Cancer Scars in Ad on Health: Ugly Tactic?

Showing McCain's Cancer Scars in Ad on Health: Ugly Tactic?

A 30-second spot airing on MSNBC and funded by two liberal PACs are choosing John McCain's historic bouts with skin cancer as the face of worries about the candidate's health. The ad shows his scars following skin cancer procedures with the text, "John McCain is 72 years old and had cancer 4 times. Why won't McCain release his medical records?"

One of the PACs behind the spot is helmed by DNC Chairman Howard Dean's brother, a connection the RNC calls "despicable." The spot highlights the groups' efforts to gain more access to McCain's medical records. So far 2,500 doctors have signed a petition put forth by one of the PACs calling for the documents to be released. A total of 1,173 pages of medical records were made available to reporters in May.

The records showed that the last bout with melanoma was six years ago, and described him as having a strong heart and good health. He receives a thorough cancer check every few months. Barack Obama's health records have not been similarly made available. With the black-and-white closeups of the aftermath of McCain's procedures and doctors intoning, "Another bout of cancer for John McCain while he's president of the United States would profoundly affect his ability to lead," combined with the tie to the DNC — is this ad fair? Where are Obama's records? Is it just an age thing or the ugliest of politics?

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