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Shy Girl On Campus

Dear Sugar
I am interested in this really sweet guy who goes to college with me. I'm so shy, and don't really know how to become friends with someone on my own. He was in my short story class last semester where I talked to him a couple of times, but I don't see him as much this semester. But for whatever reason, at least a few times a week I run into him somewhere on campus and I kind of think that maybe he likes me too but I'm not sure. How can I try and get to know him better? And how will I know if he's interested in me at all? I am almost 24 and I can't believe I haven't figured out how to talk to guys yet. Can you help? Shy in Short Stories Class

Dear Shy in Short Stories Class
You'll know if he likes you back. He'll smile, flirt or find his own way of sending out a vibe to you. But you don't need to wait for him to talk to you. The next time you randomly see him, go over and talk to him. I know you are shy, but if you like this guy take a risk. Maybe he's shy too and if that's the case, you'll never talk to each other - what a tragedy. Say something about how you are bummed that you don't have any classes together this semester. Ask him what he's taking now. It's a conversation starter, so see where it takes you. If it's going well, then tell him how nice it was to see him again and ask him if he'd like to meet you for coffee or a burger tomorrow. Tell him that you liked what he had to say in class and you're interested in talking some more.

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